Ruckenrobleme? Help yourself! 70% of the population in the industrialized countries suffer from back pain about usually once in their lives. Nowadays there also, in the face of empty coffers, restrained remedy regulations for massages. Also, the delayed onset of Rehabilationsmassnahmen contributes to long disease gradients. Many people today suffer from tension, poor posture and back pain. Therefore, the care of the spine and the back muscles is especially important. The SYOGRA JADE massage table offers rest and relaxation for body and mind. It combines the expertise of traditional far East relaxation methods with Western teachings to the back and joint hygiene. Help yourself! The idea of the SYOGRA is founder, joining Western health and wellness with the wisdom of Asian healing practices.

The SYOGRA JADE massage bed is a high-tech product from the Black Forest, developed by German engineers and accompanied by the experiences of German doctors (orthopedics /) Physiotherapy). More and more people appreciate the soothing effect of the SYOGRA JADE massage beds. There are now four new SYOGRA models that cover the different needs of customers and a wide range of wellness products. SYOGRA expands your sales, now also in Austria. The company Saeed KEG assumes the representation or distribution for Austria and offers free advice and Pro out the adjustable jade full body massage table and the new portable SYOGRA jade massage bed at the home and on the road. In addition to emphasis on harmony and wellbeing places emphasis on kompentente advice on massage and wellness products up to the optimal room climate. More detailed descriptions and information can be found online under.