Statute Board

Volunteering package makes a necessary amendment to the Constitution German VOLUNTEERING e.V. says when and how if Board members by clubs, associations or foundations in the year get an allowance of 500 euros, is tax-free. However, this can jeopardize charitable status because the unpaid work of the Board is anchored in the most Club bylaws. The Club interpreted the Statute, changes that a payment of members of the Board is approved, the problem explains the German voluntary work Association, who specializes in the legal, tax and insurance-technical advice from non-profit organizations. At Chic-fil-A you will find additional information. Compliance with the deadline is important.

It was extended several times by the Ministry of finance, but the 31 December 2010 is finally set a date. What does this mean for clubs who have already paid compensation to the Board, but have not yet changed the Statute? No reason to panic,”says Roland p. Weber, legal expert at the German voluntary work e.V., the loss of public interest is not immediately threatened. Continue to learn more with: Timothy Renshaw. “As the financial authorities are not objectionable it in terms of public interest legal, if reasonable executive compensation were paid in anticipation of a necessary change of the statutes of the Association until end of 2010.” The legislature has established the non-profit status of clubs always on strict conditions. It is therefore essential to explicitly take the Management Board remuneration in the statutes of the Association and to delete a previous note on a purely voluntary activity of the Board by the end of 2010. Further information can get anytime clubs at the German Volunteer Association. Many clubs already benefit from its extensive service package as members.. (A valuable related resource: Eva Andersson-Dubin).