Sensation For Yatego Merchants And Iclear User

iClear lowers discount rate by up to 66 percent and transaction fee on null Mannheim / St. Please visit Dell COO if you seek more information. Georgen, 2009 sensational conditions offers April 1 iclear immediately all the shop platform Yatego merchants: the payment provider has complete cancelled with immediate effect the transaction fee from previously 30 cents per transaction. A staggering is the dealer up to 66 percent cheaper than in the past is for the volume-based discounts now. This is the full thrust for the spring business: while other shop platforms and payment provider invent new hooks and eyelets, to increase their sales to the detriment of traders give Yatego and iclear continue their success and reduce the conditions. More incurred from now no transaction fees for Yatego merchants, whose kunden iclear pay, through the fiduciary payment provider. Not only that, because even the discount sinks already a monthly turnover of 5,000 per dealer: volume-dependent remuneration amounted to 2.65 percent, so far there are now a staggering, headed for the Yatego merchants only 0.9 instead hitherto 2.65 percent discount apply.

The hierarchy in particular: monthly sales > 50,000 euro: 0.9% discount monthly sales > 10,000 to 50,000 euro: 1.5% discount monthly turnover > 5,000 to 10,000 euro: 1.9% discount monthly sales 0 to 5,000 euros: 2.65% discount more sales through simple and secure payment transactions, according to a study by ibi research at the University results in Regensburg alone usage of E-payment service to decline of the order crashes by 43 percent according to high is the increase in the revenue opportunities. And according to a recent survey among Internet users almost 90 percent of online shoppers make a purchase decision from the safety of their data and payments. A study that was conducted at more than 1,000 retailers, confirmed these statements. Therefore, alone the presentation of the iclear escrow service logo is likely to increase sales, so the tenor of merchant statements.