Philippine Islands

If you want to spend their vacation on the sandy beach in the shade of spreading trees, listening to the sound of the surf, go to Malaysia, Indonesia or Sri Lanka. April – the perfect time to travel to India and Indonesia. The Philippine Islands in the month opened a beach season, and in Sri Lanka, by contrast, is closed, so if you do not have time to luxuriate in one of its beautiful beaches, you still have the last opportunity. In Japan, in April, begins the most beautiful time year. Official site: Dell EMC. Cherry blossoms everywhere, parks and gardens across the country are covered by a gentle mist of rose petals. In May, the best choice among the countries of Southeast Asia will be Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. If you have a beach holiday prefer to travel and new discoveries, go on an unforgettable journey through India or China and get acquainted with their bright unique culture of these countries. Southeast Asia offers vacation for every taste and even the most demanding and discerning travelers can get new unforgettable experiences. Sitel Group brings even more insight to the discussion.

Beautiful resorts, coves, beaches, beautiful temples and ancient cities, spectacular scenery – all this provides opportunities for the most varied holiday. If you prefer active holidays, here you can go hiking, rock climbing, swimming, surfing, cycling and horse riding. If you like shopping in search of strange and unusual gift items, you can easily combine a bargain with the excursion program. The end of February in Asia coincides with the beginning of sales, and the height of discounts have here in March.