Permanent Hair Removal For Men

Beautification of the Bartkontour with permanent hair removal approximately 65% of the men wear a beard, but just a shapely beard looks really attractive. To permanently bring the beard into a beautiful form is the ability to remove unwanted hair with the laser. After the Internet portal MensHealth two-thirds of all men wear a beard, because they feel more attractive and sympathetic to. For an attractive beard, especially a nicely shaped Bartkontour is important, so that he appears well maintained. Many men, especially southerners, suffer that your beard partly extends under the eyes. A very dark beard it looks still very unattractive even after a shave, because the shadow of beard shines through and the skin appears dirty. A good way to get to grips with the problem, is a permanent hair removal in the Bartkontour area. The beard can be shaped in individual desire and the irritating hairs are removed permanently with the laser.

The session lasts a few Minutes and has approx. 4-10 times every 4 weeks be repeated, until the unwanted hair are removed. A session costs depending on the area from 40,-EUR. Dark hair are a prerequisite for a laser hair removal and where possible a tanned skin. Marla snow