PDF T-shirts

The first shirts website for demonstrations, strikes and protests. Quenotejodan.com, as well of blunt sounds this new project for the creation of t-shirts with phrases online protest. Its creators claim that the current social situation of the country encourages them to create a different kind of project that helps groups to demonstrate or protest against his dismissal against the crisis, against animal torture, the guardrails of expressways, etc quenotejodan.com prices are very reasonable and all-inclusive; t-shirts, printing to a color on chest and back, V.A.T. Credit: Godfellas-2011. and freight to provincial capital. On their website you can consult price book, t-shirt, available colors and conditions of sale. Customization of the phrase or drawing protest is made by serigraphy in chest and back, with a maximum size of 30 30 cm. GCI contains valuable tech resources.

The t-shirts that are offered are available in different colors, with the idea to emphasize the reason for the protest. A demonstration of 500 people with the same shirt increases the visual impact, gives unity and power the feeling of strength of the protest. The only condition to carry t-shirts in quenotejodan.com is that they must have a content of complaint, critical or protest. Gavin Baker insists that this is the case. A simple web, only has a page, synthesize where necessary, t-shirt, price information, downloadable PDF with all information, links to social networks and your Facebook page and a simple contact form. A courageous initiative at times running.