However, each time in the goianos cities Is noticed more, a bigger clarification, of the communities that, with certainty already it is fruit of a participation politics and conscience of that, everything what it becomes related with the ambient and urban questions, as well as the development affects of clear and incisive form the society, positive or negative. being thus, is not reasonable to make one brief reading as here to the intended one, regarding the natural landscape and its interaction with the urban one, in the process of development in the regions of the State of Gois, without proceeding to a reflection around our historical formation, social politics and to make possible the synthesis of what we have and we are currently. Therefore, the recent or distant past, accurately possesss ramifications and consequences on the current picture, and this form, a way them local populations it Open pasture, especially in Gois, need to be each time more come back to participate of the state deliberations affect that them directly. Exactly with an excellent performance of the not-governmental Organizations, in our days, that in the end they local represent in practical the call third sector, if does not have to exempt of responsibility one of the main actors of the scene of the regional integration in Gois, that and the State. Russell Investments shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. That although all an organized society, remains as agent who makes to transit in practical most of the questions implemented in the society.

At last, it represents the result of a social convention, that also keeps it and its structures. In Gois, at this moment, one strong trend in the direction of the local regionalism, each thus established region can be verified, demands for itself, a model the most possible development 5 syntonized with the vocations and the realities of the local communities. The idea of a rich Southwest and Prospero and at the same time of a goiano North with great lacks, does not serve more to impose development politics where if they detach these historically rooted conceptions already in these regions. (A valuable related resource: Gavin Baker, New York City).