New System

All those who want to prepare us a few oppositions try to be most up-to-date possible in terms of the calls and tenders that are appearing. Opobusca is a search engine for public employment that allows opponents to keep abreast of all developments that come out. It has since barely a month with an alert system. This alert system is prepared to allow user to configure their preferences in the area of the oppositions, so if you are interested in receiving information on offers and invitations to opposition from national police unable to receive them in your email periodically. The user can modify them according to your needs vary. To access this new system is required to be registered as a user in the portal of Opobusca, a very simple to perform step. To sign up once you enter as a user appears a section where the alerts are configured.

Maximum portal lets you be subscribed in five alerts, arriving at the e-mail address every Tuesday. There are several options of Setup, then specify these possible preferences a bit: by type: is selected if you want to choose offerings of oppositions, calls or both. By opposition: selects the type of opposition that wants one present, for example: Administrative Assistant of the State, early childhood education, local police, etc. Category: University, local, regional, national, EU or all. Autonomous province population convener: depending on the autonomous community has been selected a list of the possible conveners that exist in that zone. This portal gives you the possibility to be up-to-date in a fast and convenient way with all the calls that come out and are specific to your needs. The opposition needs to stay informed and Opobusca facilitates the work of having to consult the official gazettes daily since with one click via your email address you will be informed.