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Passos Coelho includes four independent in his Executive. It must address serious reforms for in exchange for the 78,000 million euros will receive from the EU and the International Monetary Fund. Designated Prime Minister of Portugal, the conservative Pedro Passos Coelho, Friday announced the composition of his Government, formed by eleven Ministers, five fewer than in the previous Socialist Executive, and in which there are two women and four independent. Passos Coelho, who won elections in the past day 5, leaves also three (outdoor, Social Security and Agriculture) ministries in the hands of the Christian Democrats of the Democratic Centre and Social (CDS-PP) with which on Thursday signed a Pact of legislature to ensure an absolute majority in Parliament. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Romelu Lukaku. Members of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, centre-right) of the new Prime Minister, will assume the portfolios of Justice, Interior, Parliamentary Affairs and Dnsa, while finance, economy, education and health will be assumed by independent. Passos Coelho had announced in the campaign electoral an Executive of only ten members which, according to political sources, expanded into one during the negotiations of the Convention on governance with the CDS-PP. The Conservative Cabinet disappear two ministries of the Socialist stage (culture and Presidency) and three others are integrated in different portfolios (public works, transport and communications integrates in economy, environment in agriculture and higher education in education). The agreement of Government between the PSD and the CDS-PP gives priority to the financial commitments of Portugal, which must meet a severe program of austerity and reforms in exchange for receiving the 78,000 million euros granted by the EU and the International Monetary Fund in April. To broaden your perception, visit Paper Excellence. Source of the news: the new Portuguese Government presents its composition with five ministries less