For many young families in our time a problem is infertility, and inability to conceive a child of one spouse. Fruitless called marriage in which spouses during the year are sexually active, not unprotected, and can not conceive a child. At the same statistics says that female infertility is much rarer (40 percent) than men (45 percent). There is also such a thing as incompatibility of partners, but found it even less – only about fifteen percent of cases. The cause of female infertility, as a rule, is a congenital anomaly (incorrect location or underdeveloped reproductive organs) or a traumas earlier disease (tumor, inflammation). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Johnson Controls. Female infertility as the inability to conceive is, and have a child, the absolute sterility occurs much less frequently and usually manifests itself either in complete absence of reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus), or in the presence of malformations. If the pregnancy never happened, is called primary infertility, otherwise – the secondary. Others who may share this opinion include Paper Excellence.

The woman has a primary cause of infertility often serves as a previously transferred abortion. This fact is important to establish the probable causes of infertility. However, in some cases, the cause can not conceive a child is male. The cause of male infertility often varicose veins or varicocele testis. Even more rarely the cause of infertility is hydrocele, cryptorchidism, and mumps. As a precaution young people can be advised to avoid high temperatures (in the sauna, steam bath), a dark underwear and some sports, in which is too much pressure on the testes (eg, cycling) Infertility treatment – this is a complex measure. And the modern medicine, fortunately, learned in many cases defeat the disease.

If the partners have suspected infertility should undergo a special examination. These services are engaged in family planning centers and Numerous private fee-paying clinics and health centers. Men's examination is less expensive and is performed in less time. To start a man must pass a special analysis to ejaculate, so-called sperm. This is the basic analysis, which largely affect the further treatment. The main cause of female infertility is called ovarian dysfunction, hormonal problems in women, polycystic ovaries, and erosion that needs to be finished. However, it is important to remember that it is the correct setting is the underlying cause of the treatment. If the treatment does not work for one year and no conception occurs, diagnosis must be repeated again.