Hispanic Immigration

Christmas died at 81 years Samuel Huntington, one of the leading scientists of the USA. After the end of the cold war, he held the world not already spent by a bipolarization between two social systems but by a clash of civilizations. The latter were molded by ancient religions and are about 8: Western, Latin America, Islam, China, India, Eastern Orthodox, Japan and Africa. Their ideas in the U.S. questioned Democrats and fed conservatives justifying wars against Islam (which they accuse generate wars in all places where is bordered by other faiths) and also against Hispanic Immigration to the U.S. (which tended to undermine the Protestant ethic that would be the pillar of the country and generates a bilingualism that could split his nation). Huntington argued that hypocrisy governed world politics: democracy is promoted but not if you leave that Islamic fundamentalists come to power; nuclear non-proliferation is required to Iran and Iraq, but not to Israel; the free trade is the elixir of economic development but not for agriculture; human rights are in demand to China but not to Saudi Arabia; aggression against oil-rich Kuwait is very repudiated but not so against the Bosnians that lack oil.