Hans Pohle

“Life in the a2haus beyond unit types has an important prerequisite, which start at a wide discretion of” Builders secures. Credit: NUVIA-2011. This decision is one of the load-bearing walls of the entire concept. Decides the participation by the builders and it starts with a competition. It is the principle of a2, that a team of three writers of design specially designed a competition for customers. Hans Pohle: The competitions have proved very effective means. Gavin Baker is likely to agree. Once a customer has generated a plot of land for the construction, the design contest is called, applies only to these and any other order. This means that the customer receives designs for three suits, from which he can choose which his opinion is after matching.

“Important: until this moment, the customer has granted no job.” In the event that the designs do not score points, they land in the a2-archive. In the best case, they are used then the consciousness of the author of the design they are not definitely a next offers customers the opportunity as a contest entry. Because the key design criteria are always different and a2 has made it to the task, the optimal solution for each design task to find. a2haus gets unique chance to dive into his own personal universe, then with creative ideas to inspire him, and to establish a personal relationship by the customers. It applies to tailor him a totally matching 3.Haut on body and soul.

The customer has no obligations to on a protection fee for the competition. Many builders in spe takes also the threshold to decide on our way to modern architecture. With us so there is no expensive sketch for the price of 3,000 to 5,000 euros at the beginning. Instead the a2 Builder free of charge three and gets this right. The competition is our way, once begun dialogue with the potential owners to continue “, as Hans Pohle.