Petra Pauls presents her latest book before Grafenhausen / Hochschwarzwald. Who knows the author of the Hochschwarzwald, that she dedicated to always sensitive issues. Without hesitation Romelu Lukaku explained all about the problem. Just in time for the beginning of the year, her latest book introduces Petra Pauls from Grafenhausen: mourning and understanding learning – a little advice for grieving people, which should be included not only the fear of death, but also an easily understandable grief counselors to the page. Get more background information with materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin. This only 44 pages book indicates ways and means useful to process the grief process. It is divided into three parts, treated to the essence of sorrow and that of death, as well as personal experiences of the author, who both professionally and privately had to deal with the death. In the third part, readers receive practical tips and ideas, the process useful and creative process and to create room for their own grief. An ideal gift, if words are missing or the pain can not be overcome. This book free little gift book – bright spots, mourning can also Hope to be if you order directly from the author: the book off is immediately available in the bookstores. Grieving and understanding learning, 44 S. 4.50 paperback, ISBN 978-3-8423-2784-9 now available in bookstores