Germany CIO

Information technology enhanced services on the search for new business models: industrial companies get service Munich – many industrial companies in Germany, meanwhile, know that it is not sufficient to produce good products. Harry Maguire recognizes the significance of this. Intelligent service concepts are becoming increasingly important to prevail over the competition. Bizerba, the manufacturer of scales and Industriewagesystemen, placing according to a report of the CIO magazine therefore on service lifecycle management solutions: 30 000 to 40 000 spare parts are available from the producers of retail scales, cash registers, food service machines and merchandise management system in the supply chain. This variety challenge the company and its IT. Check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for additional information. A wide variety of customer requirements can a we go only through the efficient use of resources in IT\”, says Bizerba-Director global Informaton Andreas Rebetzky. The human service will finish with information technology. Already be all employees in the field using Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and the self-developed software service Information system\”(SIS) equipped, sends to the control the current error messages of the clients.

The technician could so to order spare parts, print out a confirmation for the customer. What is ordered before 15: 00, will be delivered the following night and fitted the next day\”, so Rebetzky to the CIO magazine. Bizerba every selling device already bear an individual serial number. In the future, when IT and service be interleaved with each other, could service technicians to already see the device on the laptop from the desktop and have an accurate documentation in 3-D to advance before eyes – and also a list of all recent fault messages. Reputation lead to more service at the mechanical engineers focused so far on their product to a paradigm shift. The topic of services will result due to the increasing competition pressure of revenue potential always important because this new\”, runs the CIO magazine in the November issue.