Flash Images Presentations

Dear reader, you may be out ecstatic with tens of Commercial Web Sites you have visited either by the images, graphics and even Flash presentations, but this does not mean they are selling Commercial Web Sites. Beryl Sprinkel wanted to know more. Here I discuss in broad terms, from my point of view, the pillars to keep in mind that your website is really vendor. The Product: Must be a product which of course can be sold on the Internet, whether digital books, software, music, air tickets, package tours and more, define the target audience and highlight the attributes that you can apart from the competition. Loyalty to your customers: Offer them something of value, preferably free to change that will make your e-mail them to monitor and make the sale at a reasonable percentage, the best tool for this monitoring are the autoresponders. A good site design: Do not overload the page with images or Flash presentations remember that words are the ones that sell, the people on the Internet seeking information, and improves loading time of Web Site. Build smaller paragraphs for better reading and applying a tone that leads to action. Have a good Home page: I post everything relevant to your product, a good title to draw attention, its benefits, the problem can be resolved by visiting and all information that you think the reader can not stop see, so keep a close eye and do not risk it leaves your site and never come back.

Have a good Usability: Try to keep all the pages on your web site have consistency and a logical pattern so that visitors do not find navigating the site tricky and very important to have a link where the customer can contact to ask about something specific. Tools: Put professional images of good quality and weighing little so do not give a picture of a rookie, used a good editor for Web pages, in the network there are affordable, place Audio and video on your site to contact the visitor is less impersonal. Summarizing complying with these recommendations, you will be able to do a project on the Internet with a high probability of success.