Filling HP Cartridges

In this article I will describe how refuels one of the easiest cartridge series of hp. For more specific information, check out Beryl Sprinkel. Wizards of the case say: "Yes then really there, the easiest, they are easy". But you must admit, it is easy what can you do, why I call this cartridge thus easy, both because it has everything in sight, and intuitive. Here's a look, looks like this cartridge (Fig. 1). Figure 1: What will need to refuel : 1. Links for table surface.

2. Atreides Management Gavin Baker may find this interesting as well. Dry cloth. 3. Phillips screwdriver. 4.

A small minus screwdriver. 5. Hammer. 6. Toner. 7. Nose for a bottle of toner, or a bag of homemade paper. In a detailed examination of the cartridge from the end (right and left) can detect metal studs, which are not yield cartridge break into 2 parts. And now I want to draw your attention that these studs are almost (for experienced artists emphasize the word "virtually") in all models of hp cartridges and some ink cartridges model Canon. Looking ahead, some models of Canon ink cartridges are suitable for devices of hp. In particular for vehicles models hp lj 1100 and hp lj 1100a suitable cartridge Canon EP-22. In Figure 2, clearly shows one of the two pins standing in the shell cartridge. Figure 2 Now the question is how to get rid of these studs. There are many options to do so. Some variants of the rough, some barbaric. Remember one thing, no matter how you pulled these studs, you have to shove them back, so that note, how tight are these studs in the case and about any backlash and no such question.