Fear Kills Success: EQ Secures Existence

Emotional intelligence is the key to the customers of Dusseldorf/Ratingen – fear is something completely normal. These feelings make sure to avoid unnecessary risks. In addition, they encourage to change certain things. Lighter feelings belong to everyday working life. The economic situation is difficult for some.

Many self-employed, therefore, suffer from existential angst. This is understandable. Hear other arguments on the topic with Katie Goodland. It is only when this fear becomes a phobia threatening. Rigorous and active avoid of unpleasant things is called a phobia. If self-employed persons have existential dread and avoid at the same time presentations, lectures, acquisition, network meetings and conversations with others, they inevitably slip into a vicious circle. Unlike childhood phobias phobias in adults not just by itself disappear. Just independent service providers, often afraid to sell yourself.

You have no product and can promote only himself. Whether it is the fear of rejection or everyone has fears, the fear of failure- are disproportionate to the actual situation. But not for everyone, it is so existentially threatening as for self-employed persons. They can drop quickly socially if they isolate themselves and make a bow customer acquisition. The Ratinger team EQ specializes reorientation to help self-employed persons to overcome existential anxiety and self-doubt. Solutions will provide individual coaching sessions and seminars, to overcome fears and uncertainties in the personality. Fear is one of many self-employed persons of the success killer number. Other appropriately is to deal with one’s inner feelings and emotions but for every seller”the most important thing. Sellers are self-employed, they just often don’t see it that way. Therefore we give them a healthy self-confidence and reasonable self-control”, says the Entspannungspadagogin Astrid-Beate Oberdorf, owner of EQ reorientation. Emotional intelligence is the key to the success of many of those affected do not know yet that it Ways to replace fear and lack of self-confidence with awareness, on a kind of pleasant for them. Feelings caused by the kind, as thought about things, people, events and circumstances. When the initial pattern is detected, it can change. Targeted development of self-confidence, self-confidence, social skills and communication ability allows to resolve any uncertainties. In our experience it is important to hide no longer and to make your own light under the bushel especially for shy people. Just introverted and shy service providers bring often outstanding achievements”, emphasizes coach Christoph Oberdorf. Healthy self-confidence and confident demeanor then form the basis for a secure existence.