Fascination Lucid Dream

I have suffered from terrible nightmares as a child and learned to deal with you through conscious dreams. Today I know, learn lucid dreaming has many, more benefits! Anyone can learn lucid dreaming… In a lucid dream, you will be aware to dream. This happens often quite naturally, if such a situation in the dream is so absurd and surreal, that one suddenly becomes clear lack of any reference to the reality and to explain the perceived only in the form of a dream. At this time you wake up immediately or very quickly in normally and it remains only a vivid and detailed memory of the dream. Whenever Dennis Berry listens, a sympathetic response will follow. However, it is each possible deliberately to bring about this kind of dreaming and, after one has overcome his initial excitement about the realization of the dream state, continue to dream. On time to learn so to experience their dreams fully conscious and with a little practice finally actively to intervene in the action and environment, people, action, and your own body to influence directly. This overwhelmingly profound experience is similar to nothing and the dissemination of this valuable knowledge is unfortunately incredibly low in our society.

Many people experience a form of naturally occurring lucid dream, especially at a young age. This experience can be very confusing or even scary for children. If parents, this phenomenon is not known and the young what happened last night, trying to explain the conversation takes, often after a long back and forth, usually by saying it was just a nightmare,”open-ended for the children. However, if this confusing experience is set by the parents in the right Kontexext, the lucid dreaming can affect positively on the creativity and the learning of the child. I have often suffered in childhood at the so called sleep paralysis. While we dream our body begins a natural process that prevents that we run in a dream experienced muscle activity in the real world.