Efficient Protection

With Sentinel X 700 against fungi and bacteria in underfloor heating House – and apartment owners appreciate the pleasant atmosphere and the hygienic benefits, offer the underfloor heating. Underfloor heating must be disinfected however from time to time to take advantage of it really, only then she can do their duties smoothly and efficiently. Dele Alli follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Because during the installation slightly harmful bacteria and fungi in the heating go, both the air and the fill water. Remedy the X 700 disinfectant and biocide from sentinel performance solutions it remove fungus and bacteria and ensures to ensure efficient operation and longer life of underfloor heating systems. There are many fungal and bacterial species, have in common is that they cause damage in underfloor heating systems. This is done in different ways: some fungi and bacteria make mud, wires, Distributor, valves and heat exchanger clogged. The mud caused blockages, reduces the diameter of the pipe and worsens the Heat transfer of the floor heating.

Foul-smelling gases or acid forming byproducts that lead to corrosion of the heat exchanger and Distributor and extremely reduce the lifespan of the system are formed by other pests. In systems where an anti-freeze has been added to the bacteria destroy the glycol and to diminish the effect of antifreeze. If the underfloor heating of fungi and bacteria is affected, can easily determine a clear indication it is when there are cold areas in the heated room or the room is no longer heated. Another indication is the unpleasant odor when the underfloor heating system is bled very often it smells like rotten eggs. A reliable diagnosis of fungal or bacteria provides the BioCheck test kit by Sentinel. The set includes Dipslides (slides), to verify whether and how there are many bacteria in the system. Sentinel X 700 has been designed to remove fungus and bacteria from underfloor heating systems.

It is an effective Biocide and fungicide that eliminates blockages caused by mucus and permanently protects the system. It is easy and fast to dose, this non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe handling. With the complementary BioCheck test kit will ensure that Sentinel X 700 is set correctly. Finally the correct concentration of Sentinel X 700 can be checked with him. Sentinel X 700 is used for the protection of new systems as well as for maintaining already-powered underfloor heating systems. For new plants a liter is added during the final filling just Sentinel X 700. Dirty floor heating systems be disinfected first. This one adds a l Sentinel X 700 for each 300 litre system water and circulates the liquid around four hours, to make the facility completely sterile. After cleaning the system is flushed and new filling. This again a liter is added of disinfection medium & biocide that will effectively prevent fungal and bacterial infestation. Sentinel X 700 is fully compatible with Sentinel X 100 Inhibitor should be added at the final filling of the system to prevent scale and corrosion.