Dubai – A Tourist Paradise

Dubai – The future is now! These associations arise with this amazing in its 'urban' beauty and dynamics of a place on Earth. Dubai – a city of the future! Dubai – Dubai City of the Future (English Dubai) – the largest city United Arab Emirates (UAE), the administrative center of Dubai. The name of the emirate's translated from Arabic as' locusts hatched out larvae. " In Dubai, home to around 1321.4 thousand people (2006). Dubai. A bit of history Dubai was founded around 1830 as a small fishing village.

By the beginning of 20 century Dubai is already famous for the biggest markets on the whole coast of the Persian Gulf. Despite the rapid development of trade, Dubai remained politically British protectorate as part of the Trucial Oman States, stretching along the southern shore of the Persian Gulf. In case of refusal from the British protectorate in 1971, Dubai became a part of one of the seven emirates in the new of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 1966, in the vicinity of Dubai oil was discovered. Since then Dubai has become a rapidly developing! Today, Dubai – the largest commercial, financial and tourist center in the Middle East. The pace of development of the city comparable to Shanghai (China). Dubai – the third most important re-export center in the world, after Hong Kong and Singapore. Dubai, the dynamics of development. Source: bbc in recent years in Dubai there is a construction boom. This is evidenced by a mnogogovoryaschy fact: the area between Abu Dhabi (the capital of United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi) and Dubai is focused one-fifth of all tower cranes in the world.