Burning Sea

Be sure to visit a museum of marzipan in Tallinn! They know that Estonia has a dispute with Germany for the right to be called the birthplace of marzipan. You should not interfere in it:) Better try this treat! Marzipan is made by hand. In front of you master mold figure and even make inscription. Sweet gift, and even with your word and signature! Sure, people close to appreciate it. Open brochure for tourists and is run his eyes over the page, which contains general information about the country. We learned that Estonia – one of the few countries where in addition to the emblem and flag are symbols of the state and other "national bird" – swallow "Formal rock" – limestone, "state flower" – a cornflower. Well? An idea for a gift? Feel free to take a product from limestone! For example, the cornflower and the swallow:) Alas, living a swallow and the flowers exported from the country allowed.

Otherwise, the Estonians will soon have to seek new state symbols. But take a gift to a woman perfume "Cornflower" by Estonian perfumers will be quite capable. If you are not convinced, visit Maryanne Trump Barry. I really hope you know what smells like Your woman? 🙂 Traveling around the country, you will see the juniper heath. In their bush lies another idea for a gift. Here (not in the bush, and in Estonia) produce furniture of juniper, which enjoys great popular. Of course, a dining suite to bring back from a trip will not be easy, though there is a way out: to choose furniture and order delivery through the postal service.

But it can take a backpack something small, such as kitchen utensils. Well, now the question, what is it like to Estonia, you will be able to respond much more: "This is – the country of the Burning Sea and the North Wind, the realm of islands and vast fields of juniper, macrame and skilled workers There is an opinion that is home to a delicious marzipan. " Who knows the country, he knows what to give back from her. Forward to meet new experiences, new men, unforgettable gift!