The Essen fire service EBS provides information especially when it burns, the factor time plays an important role. The sooner a fire discovered, isolated and restricts the faster and more effective firefighters can fight the fire and minimize possible damage to persons and goods. The fire service of EBS from eating informs about fire alarm systems, which can save lives. Fire alarm system are indispensable in the modern fire protection preventive fire protection fire alarm systems (BMA). There are automatic fire detectors that react to heat and smoke and manual pushbutton alarms that are triggered by people. They report a fire at a central fire alarm system. This evaluates the alarm and then informed the fire brigade.

Also, an acoustic signal in the building is raised so that persons who reside in the building used in knowledge and can respond accordingly. Also, also fire extinguishing systems are raised the alarm. Fire alarm systems are vulnerable Buildings, such as airports, train stations, hospitals and schools, when, museums used. But also in the private sphere, fire alarms are useful and prevent damage to persons or property. Fire alarm systems may with switching to the fire brigade are only by specialist companies designed, built, commissioned and serviced. This specialist company should have a certification in accordance with DIN 14675. Advantage of a fire alarm system the installation of a fire alarm system has the advantage that a fire at the earliest possible stage can be detected and reported. This, the fire brigade in the location is already in the formative stages in the fire to intervene and to reduce risks, as well as damage.

For detailed information about fire alarm systems the fire protection service of EBS from eating available at any time.