Bowel Problems After The Holiday

The physiological balance some of the many holiday returnees return disturbed intestinal flora now that in some States the summer holidays are again to end, make fixed, something was wrong with her intestines. Often were these vacationers in the classic warm holiday destinations and have otherwise lived different lives than they do normally at home. This can have consequences for the intestines which can manifest up to massive diarrhea of the general malaise. If these symptoms last longer or very severe a doctor visit is recommended. To deepen your understanding Tribune Media Company is the source. In less serious cases generally itself can be measures that replace the disturbed intestinal flora in balance. That certain probiotics such as Saccharomyces are boulardii.

Why is it so important, especially in the and after the holidays to think about a healthy intestinal flora? Now, the most common cause of gloomy holiday pleasures is the traveler’s diarrhea, as Montezuma’s revenge”is known. Depending on the destination, it can almost take half of the tourists. It may cause diarrhea basically in all countries of the South, also in the European countries bordering the Mediterranean. It is not limited to tropical countries or even Mexico, such as the name on the ancient Aztec Prince Montezuma’s revenge”believe could make. But always, this type of diarrhea on infection is due, even if the reason is not obvious. So the traveler’s diarrhea can be triggered on one easy stress factors, which weaken our immune system and linked to the arrival or return journey.

He can be triggered but also the direct infection due to incorrect and unfamiliar diet. Both could have been avoided through awareness and simple prevention without much effort. Boulardii, a probiotic medical yeast has proven to effective prevention and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea the use of Saccharomyces. With this probiotic capsules are available as afterbiotic. To the Prevention of traveler’s diarrhea adults consume 5-10 days prior to departure and during the whole trip in the morning and in the evening depending on a capsule containing 250 mg of freeze-dried probiotic bacteria. Now, at the affected travel to return, it is of course too late with the prevention. But also to the treatment and regeneration of disturbed intestinal flora is ideal the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii. In this case, afterbiotic should be eaten per 2 capsules in the morning and in the evening. Thus according to study the diarrhea quickly eliminated, and regenerates the intestinal flora. afterbiotic (PZN 5852096) in the Spa Pack recommended contains 120 (3 x 40) with per 250 mg probiotic capsules and is affordably available in pharmacies or good health centres. Navitum pharmaceutical products not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable because of the unique composition and the reasonable price. Afterbiotic directly at Navitum Pharma each pharmacy, as also the users themselves, can obtain free shipping. Contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web: