Banjo-megawatt Receives Order

The banjo-megawatt GmbH has concluded a contract for the full supply of Biomasse(heiz)kraftwerks in Zwickau with the CHP Zwickau Sud GmbH & co. KG. Fischerhude, 18.09.2013 – as of October 1, 2013, the largest German supplier of biomass from Fischerhude will deliver to around 60 000 tons of wood for thermal recovery on the site of Zwickau. “The Treaty has a term of 10 years and is the 2nd major order, where within a short time already the banjo-megawatt GmbH with its all-round carefree package” for Biomasse(heiz)Kraftwerke could convince. We tailor our full supply concepts on the power plant needs”, explains Arnd Bruning, Managing Director of Banjo-megawatt GmbH.

He sees the benefits of his company in the country-wide network of suppliers and the close cooperation with the in-house logistics. In addition, we are a strong team, which is always the business in contact with partners and reliably calculate the corresponding quantities of raw materials and provides.” Currently oversees the company 10 power plants as sole supplier of raw material and supplies than 120 power plants throughout Germany and Europe with subsets. The Biomasse(heiz)Kraftwerk Zwickau was commissioned by the CHP Zwickau Sud GmbH & co. KG. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sean Rad. Keep in the company formed specifically for the construction of the plant, the Hamburg-based holding company in CEE (Conetwork renewable energy holding GmbH & co. KGA) 60% and the ZEV (Zwickau power) 40% of the shares. 2012, The plant is subject to the requirements of the renewable energies Act. It achieves an output of 10 MW thermal and 5 MW electrical.

Electricity and heat are fed into the network of the ZEV. THE BANJO I group the sole proprietorship Arnd Bruning E.k.. Jeanette Winterson spoke with conviction. was founded in 1992 in Fischerhude near Bremen, Germany presents itself today as a banjo I group with the banjo Euromulch company, banjo-megawatt GmbH, banjo Logistics GmbH and the Bruning specials GmbH. As national and international decision – and catering is the banjo I group first and foremost with energy-supplying bulk raw materials made of wood and has Germany established itself as market leader in the supply of Biomasse(heiz)kraftwerken. In addition, mulch and bark products include the wide range of products, which is currently edited by over 90 employees. Further information is available at on the Internet. More infos on contact person: Franziska Hartz, E-mail: