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Dual independent action – in this type can be operated as a supplied air and supply of material to control the airbrush trigger is moved in two directions, down to the air, back to supply the material. To use this airbrush takes practice, but with him may subtle results, in fact this type we will need! Dual-dependent action – in this type of control is dependent on the amount of material supplied air, ie than We serve more air to spray, the more we have served the material. Management in this type of movement only Triger ago. The fourth difference – with respect to ink supply (the location of containers of paint): Lower Liner material (siphon type) – a data feed airbrush is bottom under the action of the vacuum created in the mixing of two streams. upper liner material (gravity type) – Submission material is on top, under its own weight and under the action of the vacuum. For even more details, read what CBS says on the issue. Liner material under pressure – the presentation of the material occurs under pressure, airbrushing data you can use liquid high viscosity. So, how do you get from all types of airbrush, I paid attention to only one, because it is most suitable to us for our work – this airbrush dual independent action.

These brushes can be both a lower connector material and the top, a matter of taste. For him to get used with it to learn , but due to two adjustments we have a great opportunity in our art. As for producer firms – at the time it may be Iwata, Hansa, Paasche, Harder & Steenback plus Taiwanese manufacturers – everything will depend entirely on your imagination and material prosperity. Remember one more important thing than a smaller nozzle airbrush, the thinner the line, we can blow out of this machine. At the time, I opted for Harder & Steenback Evolution-Silverline. Any airbrush demands the careful maintenance and, say, a certain share of love, this is your tool with which you can express yourself, show your talent play of colors. After all the work done by airbrush should be thoroughly cleaned, it must be cleaned with solvent. First we need to wash the interior of airbrushing, and drove through it instead of paint solvent, wipe clean the interior of the tank airbrush and the outer part. Then it is desirable to completely dismantle all parts and wash it in solvent, wipe the needle with cotton or soft cloth and collect Watch for chistatoy airbrush!