Advertising Stand

Point-of-sale in times of economic crisis can be seen advertising stand easy display as useful sales promotion at the point, how is shifting the strategy of promoting sales at the point of sale on discount campaigns. It is clear that a promotion trending to discount offers assumes the consumer due to the general financial crisis time is forced to save, to keep his respective levels of consumption. This means that the consumer loses a degree of consumer freedom, which point-of-sale back should be reimbursed by the advertiser with discounts sales promotions at the point. Discounts as a sales promotion promise an increase in its assets, more luxury insofar the customer. What often is overlooked, that this strategy of sales promotion at the point of sale is moving at the same time in the opposite direction so double-edged impact.

Because rebates to a feeling of inferiority is subliminally conveys the customer. Not only the one I purchased is a strong value reduction, also the customer will This his own r financial scope devalued by the time of crisis again and again before eyes run. And last but not least the point-of-sale itself may appear poor and mean-spirited suddenly through the flood of discounts. As more meaningful sales promotion advertising stand are available. You can visually tell product stories by advertising display, point-of-sale can be placed at the point.

They can take on the characteristics of a product and advertising turn out. In this way a promotional stand as sales promotion creates a product experience at the point point-of-sale, which triggers the purchase incentive and avoids the depressive overall mood, move the junk – and discount scenes constantly in the field. Because rebates as sales promotion create an urge to save hard and take his good feeling aspect of shopping. The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover leads a wide variety of advertising display in their diverse product portfolio with which such product – experience a world at the point of sale can be created. In addition to classic customer Stoppers and Poster stands, various banner – folding – rollup displays, promotional counters, racks, and solutions for attractive shop window advertising the easy display can be found online shop. categories