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Advertising Online

Then I write some of the definitions of Marketing Online including the the Lord Paul Flemming WIKIPEDIA I: b online marketing advertising has as main tool the website and its content, to develop this type of advertising, which includes elements of: text, link, link, banner, web, weblog, blog, logo, advertisement, audio, video and animation; having as purpose to publicize the product to the user who is online, through these formats. Although these are the main and traditional formats, are other derivatives of the web that arise as the technology progresses as: game, messenger, download (download), interaction with sms to mobile phones from the internet, etc WIKIPEDIA II: marketing on the Internet or on-line marketing is the study of techniques for using the Internet to advertise and sell products and services. Includes per-click advertising, notices on web pages, the mass mailings, marketing in search engines (including optimization on search engines), the use of social networking and marketing of logs. Prism INTERNET MARKETING: Marketing Online: is marketing a new means of mass communication, called Internet-oriented. In recent years Internet has become a fast, flexible, interactive medium and low-cost, where to be able to broadcast content. Internet represents a new means of communication, where due to his pace, forms of consultation and access to audiovisual information, invalid in many cases make traditional advertising practices, which must be adapted to the new medium. It is why, increasingly, marketing or Internet marketing requires one greater specialization professionally.

MONTSE and MK ONLINE: Online-Marketing, also called i-Marketing, web-Marketing, Internet Marketing or e-Marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. PAUL FLEMMING: The Scholar Paul Fleming has marked the four F s of marketing online in the same way that be performed with Marketing Online. Flow: Segun Fleming, flow is mental status in that enters an Internet user to dive into a website that offers an experience full of interactivity and added value. Functionality: If the customer has entered in State of flux, on road to be picked up, but that the flow of the relationship is not broken, is giving the presence on-line functionality, i.e. build pages taking into account the limitations of the technology.! Refers to a home page attractive, clear navigation and useful to the user. Feedback: The relationship has begun to build. The user is in a State of flux and Adema s is not exasperating in its navigation. Now the time to keep talking and take advantage of the information through the user’s knowledge.

Internet gives the opportunity to ask the client who likes, be improved. Ultimately, dialogue with the customer to know him better and build a relationship based on their needs, customize after s of each contact. Loyalty: The Internet offers the creation of communities of users who contribute content so that you set a custom dialog with the clients who may be so more faithful.