30 Years Of Upstalsboom Seehotel, Borkum

The Upstalsboom group is market leader in the North Sea and Baltic Sea with some 50 hotels and self catering accommodation in the three-to five-star segment. The protected monument Lake Hotel on Borkum Borkum/Emden was built already in 1907. Nevertheless, it celebrates its 30th birthday this year only. “Director Stephan Aggen resolves this conundrum: the Upstalsboom group from Emden took over 1981 – the venerable Hotel 30 years ago as an operator.” Birthday in 2011 will be marked by numerous attractions, offers, as well as by a busy weekend in the summer. It not only our team, but of course our House ghost Princess glad Friedrich vain”Aggen says with a wink. The numerous regulars of the 3-star hotel would forward (1879-1964) to new and stimulating spooky stories to the Duchess Sophie Charlotte in Oldenburg. The noblewoman married 1906 Prince Eitel Frederick of Prussia, son of the last German Emperor William II… The widely also known as the Princess Eitel Friedrich “Duchess Sophie Charlotte ran for many years on the North Sea Island and resided in present-day Lake Hotel, the her honour-1981 under the name Princess Eitel Friedrich” was.

As aristocratic Ghost is still present according to Aggen and looks after the rights. Under the direction of the Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co. KG (Emden), the leading hotel and vacation rental provider on the North and Baltic Sea, has been since 1981 the charm of traditional house in a prominent location directly at the new lighthouse and near received the beach promenade of Borkums and at the same time provided with new splendour. From this point of view also the completed early 2011 renovation of the two salons is carried out according to by Aggen. The guests appreciated the preservation of the character of the doll’s House”as well as the atmosphere of the Lake Hotel. The staircase in the Wilhelminian style was also a popular and sought-after photo opportunity of holiday guests on Borkum. With this unique character, the Lake hotel with 39 rooms on one look extremely “positive development, in particular by numerous regulars, an above-average long booking period and the tourism of generation of”, so a joint residence of children, parents and grandparents, was characterized.