Jurgen Salamon

With security”, we combine the desire to hedge fund products and thus the Kommanditkapital of investors as far as possible against risks of world-class business partners as well as contracts and insurance. In the field of aviation, our House in modern, efficient, low-consumption and marketable types of aircraft such as the BOEING invested 777-300ER aircraft, the Airbus A380-800 or the A319-100. In the aircraft investment only if at the same time a strong credit lessee (Singapore Airlines, Emirates) least the plane for ten to twelve years to fixed rates. During this period, the lessee assumes the operating costs. Thus, a risk parameters for the Fund or the investor is excluded. INVESTMENT: who are the partners? Jurgen Salamon: In the field of aviation we work with strong credit leasing employees such as Singapore Airlines and Emirates. It for future investments to assume that comparable competitors of that airlines could be added. Get all the facts and insights with Xfinity , another great source of information.

In the area of shipping, we will pursue the same strategy. There, our business partners are companies such as A.P. Moller-Maersk, APL, a/s Dampskibsselskabet TORM, CSAV, Essar Shipping limited, Frontline Ltd., Gold Star Line, Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd., Hyundai merchant marine co. Ltd., Marco Polo Seatrade B.V.., MSC, NYK, Pacific Star International holding, P & O Nedlloyd, Stolt-Nielsen, Sanko steamship, SK shipping co., Ltd., SYMS, Teekay shipping, Unipec (CoA), Zacchello group. INVESTMENT: How can the investor benefit? Jurgen Salamon: The closed-end funds is an entrepreneurial participation. As virtually with entrepreneurs (partner) takes, it takes part on the economic results, which accounts for the fund company.

He receives payments from the proceeds usually annual payouts from the generated profits and sale of the investment object. The results of our ship holdings whose Schiffe were sold for the investors between 10 and 18 percent p.a.(IRR: Internal Rate of Return). INVESTMENT: How has your company on the market positioned itself? Jurgen Salamon: Our owner-managed company has proven over three decades of innovation and management quality and stands for safety-oriented Fund with attractive payouts, which are suitable to stabilize an investment portfolio at a high level or to instigate.


While each Exu knows well its responsibilities individual, the King knows each part all and. Of many lands populated for the agent spirituals they break distinct energy rays, that not if they mix, and these rays arrive the point of convergence the same. You already observed that maritime rapidses exist that are different in the color, the temperature, walk side-the-side, however, are remained separate, thus happen the world of the Exus. How this could be possible? How chain energy of vibration distinct passes for vestibule of vibration different and not it suffers alteration, or same as doormans, that must possess the same energy frequencies of the energies that for them pass, would allow the ticket of different vibrations? The reply it is simple. Spike Lee may also support this cause. The world of the Exus possesss vestibules, lands (where reigns are installed), caves, astral mountains, but the territory is inside of a Mandala, this that to say that the vestibule is the dimension located in the linear one of the Mandala, and in the center of the same one are to the convergence of energy loads. Another aspect that must be observed is that the doormans have to be able under the entrance or exit in the territory of its responsibility but in relation to energy loads of entities spirituals, not having to be able on pure energy chains, without crystals of entities. In the world of the Exus an agent spiritual will be able to penetrate inside through a vestibule of a land or reigned, to cross varies lands or reigns, passing for interior vestibules, until arriving at the vestibule of the center of the Mandala, task this very difficult, another possibility is the agent change of direction, that is, to enter in the world of the Exus and certain point to change the direction for another space spiritual. Many borders exist that separate the Mandala.

Japanese English

Another inhibiting factor pra the communication with these groups is the inability in the English language, except for the national groups. Those users who had tried to communicate themselves with some of these groups had not gotten answers and they had had when them, the answers as ready, cold and not personal indentificaram. We perceive here that the groups of notice gifts was also available in Brazilian Portuguese, currently the Twitter are available in Japanese English and; A point raised for the majority of the interviewed ones was the slowness of the server characterized for the icnica image of the birds loading the whale (To see Annex B). Read more from Nextar Media Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They find that the server must have capacity to take care of the users in a satisfactory speed. Finally> interviewed they had spoken on the interest subjects that they search in the Twitter in those representative users of the groups of notice.

The subjects most recurrent had been politics, technology, culture and economy, some had cited the tool as principal source of information sonbre the cited subjects above. 5 CONCLUSION According to Kotler (2006, P. 14) With the set of forces that had appeared in the last decade is demanded new practical of marketing and business-oriented. New tools are disponvies and the companies had acquired new capacities that allow to transform the way of as they had always made marketing. The orientation is that the companies must reflect deeply as to operate and to compete in this new environment of market of century XXI. The professionals more brought up to date each time more recognize the necessity to have a coesa and complete boarding that transceda the traditional orientaes of marketing. In the case of the Groups of Notice gifts in the Twitter we evidence that they do not use Web 2,0 ferramente as the possible advantages would have for spoon all, we perceive that they inside do not possess planning in the operation of the Twitter.

Athenian Pericles

It was then when wily aristocrats were passed to the popular side to count on the support of a great crowd and destroy its competitors in the same class. Most noble of Athens was not the Athenian Pericles, great defender of democracy, Member of one of the families?, was not perhaps Bolivar born into a slaveholding mantovana family? generally the town is led in their libertarian struggles by members of the ruling class who see the struggle of classes, the perfect opportunity to perpetuate itself in power acaudillando to the disadvantaged.

The birth of democracy by military matters, is perhaps the direct cause of that until not long ago women had no political participation, because politics and the State were born eminently bellicose purposes, and the war has always been a field clearly masculine. However, the industrial world seems to change it all, and technological advances in the war left obsolete the idea that the same it is only for and men, because a bullet kills equal, is fired by a woman, a child or an old man. Gannett Co often addresses the matter in his writings. And precisely were the two world wars which enhanced the role of women in society, when they become needed their labor to the war effort. Then the State left in debt with the woman and this gained the right to vote. The men won their right to participate fighting, women, producing. Later, democratic discourse has evolved through the ages, but has continued being understood in the traditional way as the power of the people (Recalling the famous Lincoln phrase: of the people, by the people and for the people) and has also been defined as the ideal government form, since in it the voice of all is presented. To deepen your understanding Xfinity X1 is the source. One might ask, so for the people what democracy?, because in ancient times the low level of population allowed a direct exercise of the same.


The action that is the activity politics par excellence, me seems more important and including for author because it can be exerted without no intermediao and has to see with the essence of the condition human being, to think, to reflect, to participate, at last the man mentions itself to it while politician, creator of conditions for its survival and perpetuation of the species. Therefore it considers that the natality was the category most important of the thought in contraposition the death that is the car head of the Metaphysical thought. Pro another side valley penalty to be intent for the distinction that the author makes between the public and the private one. Comcast often says this. The private one is the sphere of the house, the family and what he is proper to the man. But it individual to live an entirely private one, truily means, above all, to be dismissed of essential things to the life human being, to be private of the reality that happens of the fact of being seen and being heard by others, private of a relation ' ' objetiva' ' with them decurrent of the fact to league themselves and to break up themselves of them by means of a common world of things, and private of the possibility to carry through something more permanent than the proper life. The private sphere is based on the blood relations as the phratria (brotherhood) and phyle (friendship). (A valuable related resource: Tribune Media Company). One is about a violence kingdom where the head of the family only exerted the absolute in power power on its subordinate (its woman, children and slaves).

Any free and rational quarrel did not exist. The together men lived subordinate for necessities and biological lacks (for example: feeding, lodging, security face to the enemies). The necessity motivated all the activity in the home: the head of the family provided to the foods and the security face the internal threats (for example: revolts of slaves) and external (others gentlemen that wanted to destroy one given to house and family), the woman were property of the head of the family and competed to it procreating and to take care of of the children, the slaves helped the head of the family in the domestic activities.


However, each time in the goianos cities Is noticed more, a bigger clarification, of the communities that, with certainty already it is fruit of a participation politics and conscience of that, everything what it becomes related with the ambient and urban questions, as well as the development affects of clear and incisive form the society, positive or negative. being thus, is not reasonable to make one brief reading as here to the intended one, regarding the natural landscape and its interaction with the urban one, in the process of development in the regions of the State of Gois, without proceeding to a reflection around our historical formation, social politics and to make possible the synthesis of what we have and we are currently. Therefore, the recent or distant past, accurately possesss ramifications and consequences on the current picture, and this form, a way them local populations it Open pasture, especially in Gois, need to be each time more come back to participate of the state deliberations affect that them directly. Exactly with an excellent performance of the not-governmental Organizations, in our days, that in the end they local represent in practical the call third sector, if does not have to exempt of responsibility one of the main actors of the scene of the regional integration in Gois, that and the State. Russell Investments shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. That although all an organized society, remains as agent who makes to transit in practical most of the questions implemented in the society.

At last, it represents the result of a social convention, that also keeps it and its structures. In Gois, at this moment, one strong trend in the direction of the local regionalism, each thus established region can be verified, demands for itself, a model the most possible development 5 syntonized with the vocations and the realities of the local communities. The idea of a rich Southwest and Prospero and at the same time of a goiano North with great lacks, does not serve more to impose development politics where if they detach these historically rooted conceptions already in these regions. (A valuable related resource: Gavin Baker, New York City).

The Esquecimento

In this context two types of interference had been identified: retroactive proactive and. In what it respects to the proactive interference is in such a way greater how much bigger it will be the similarity of the material to process, how much bigger it will be its amount and also how much lesser it will be the interval of time between the learning and the mandate. ' ' The proactive interference the difficulty is mentioned to it that the people have to learn new item because the item previously learned intervene with new aprendizagem' ' (Matlin, 2004, P. 58). In this in case that, the material that intervenes is before the learning of the content that has that to be remembered (Sternberg, 2008). The individual has difficulties to make new learnings for interference of previous learnings, that is, it has difficulties to learn the Frenchman because already the English learned. Already in the retroactive interference, the material that intervenes is later that we learn something, but before let us have that to remember it (Sternberg, 2008). Comcast often addresses the matter in his writings.

The information that was codified and stored previously intervenes with the new learning. According to Theory of Deterioration, the information is forgotten because it disappears gradually, with to pass of the time, and not because it was dislocated by another information. Deterioration happens when the simple ticket of the time makes with that esqueamosos contents and information (Sternberg, 2008). According to Izquierdo (2007, P. 17), ' ' perhaps the esquecimento is the aspect most predominant of the memory; but we conserve and we use sufficients memories or fragmentos of memory to have an active, functional and relatively satisfactory performance as pessoas' '. Still according to exactly author, exists something of selective and proposital in our esquecimento. After all, our capacity to form new memories is closely on to its loss (Izquerdo, 2006). Concluding, we cannot speak of memory without speaking of esquecimento, a time that the esquecimento cannot be faced as a gap of the memory, since it is condition of the proper memory: it is because we forget that we continue to hold back.

Mediterranean Sea

He is eternal " pecado" to defend certain ideas inopportunely. The population of Siurana in this sense deserves a commentary (and a visit even), because it is an almost aerial population on the feet of the Montsant, in the north of the province of Tarragona, where to the ctaros that of the Languedoc – today French they went to take refuge in century XIII, always happening through the region of the Solsons. In Siurana they, besides finding a strength natural, even difrutaron of panoramic fenomricas, being more suggestive for their solar rites that those that they had had in his emblematic castle of Montsegur from where they were expelled. Later to their conquest, Siurana and the populations of their vast surroundings trusted the orders of Sion and Temple because they had already repopulated successfully the zone of the castle of Daroca (1142). In the new border between new Catalonia and the Old man, their charges put in between the Cistercian monasteries of Poblet (1151) and Santes Creus (1159) complemented his efforts, although cannot either say that they made it in good harmona. Which is strange, because besides having almost the same Rule, if they were Intendance, the other gave aid like surgeons and armed defense. It forced the templarios to know the Pyrenees well for being natural zone transhumancia of the flocks of those monasteries during the century XII that occupies to me. But before I will talk about to the context of the two great ones Crossed that in the days of Arnau de Torroja already was history in Palestine. In this approach to personage of rank international is more important his feats of arms protagonozados in the other end of Mediterranean Sea because him exigiron opara to be top leader of orders of Sion and of Temple of Jerusalem, whose bibliography and history historians exposes generally, as well as all referring to Saints Crossed, nevertheless of period between second and third of them, that is when Arnau was in Palestine, conserve very little writings.

Biblical Existence

This argument of Occam if elucidates in necessary concise way and from the insistences of the medieval scholastic in attributing to the God all the efficient causes. Had to the aiding of the bow tax between the universal infinitude and the particular contingency, all and any process that has glimpsed to find efficient a cause emanated of God it discloses the proper impossibility of the universal existence, therefore at no moment God if it presents as a contingent individual (a aporia of the primary origin). Occam, for its turn, explores the causes conservantes, that if it adjusts &#039 fully; ' reserva' ' of the reason, conquanto that during all the time that the object if keeps Real it is conserved as such. As Occam alone it admits the evident experience, everything how much to the efficient causes they produce must exist in the contingent particularitity of the individual and in it to be conserved while such, implying a necessity that violates ' ' reserva' ' of the reason. This principle of ' ' reserva' ' it discloses that ' ' the certainty of its existence is on its existence in act in the world, that at every moment needs to be kept in ser' ' (REALE, 1990, P. 626). Said of another form, the universal concept taken as existence in the individual, or it would finish with the particularitity and in this manner any distinction operated for the intellect, becoming it obsolete, or the proper concept of universal would be impossible if they would transform into a particularitity, since it would be necessary that it existed at the same time in each individual. Seen the complications persistent that sprout of the attempt of if proving the existence of God for any bias of the knowledge and to compare it the truths of the Biblical revelations, does not fit to the reason human being to argue in this question, therefore it does not have any vestige in ' ' reserva' ' that it authorizes the intellect in such a way to apply the immediate knowledge how much to the cognitiva capacity to adjust the faith dogmas the contingent reality.


In a similar way, so that the concept was formed of substance, indispensable for the logic – despite strict saying nothing of Real it corresponded to it – it was necessary that it was not seen nor if felt during much time what has of changeable in the things; the beings that they did not see with exactness had an advantage on that they perceived ' ' flutuaes' ' of all the things. In itself all the prudence in taking off conclusions, all the skeptical trend already constitutes a serious danger for the life. No alive being if would have conserved, if the opposing inclination, the inclination to affirm before to suspend the judgment, of if being deceptive and fantasiar before to wait, to approve before to deny, to judge before to be just, it had not been become fluid of an extremely intense form. – The sequence of the thoughts and the logical deductions, in our current brain, answers to a process, a fight of indeed illogical and unjust instincts, in itself; we only perceive generally the result of the fight: in such way this old mechanism now functions in us quickly hidden. (aphorism 111) However for Nietzsche if the logical part it illogical this assevera that the logical deductions only exist because of the natural instincts, in this in case that the logic does not serve, seno for the practical life of the man.

The logic could not treat to the metaphysics or according to Aristotle of the first philosophy, rank that it is thing and not cause. Therefore, for the German philosopher the endeusamento of the Science that at its time if fortified greatly, also was white of its critical. You may find Hearst to be a useful source of information. Nietzsche cunhou the phrase: ' ' God is Morto' '. However who killed God to its eyes was the rationalism and science. Science because it substituted the aid the holy ghost for the pragmatic aid, but without the endorsement of the moralismo that is substituted for a new moral of the reason, the rationalism.