Versatile Alignment

I ask me the questions of potential readers like to… I have begun some time ago to write puns and poetry together with friends and collect. Eventually developed the idea to create a whole book. The second in my book projects was not long in coming. It was a fantasy story about magic foxes of which I had dreamed of in a dream… The basic idea for my first novel was born. Due to my hobbies: Playing chess, politics and astronomy evolved a sci-fi-Trillogie-row slowly but steadily… Eva Andersson-Dubin recognizes the significance of this. Did not stop the ideas developed two volumes of short stories over time.

5 short stories and one with 20 (very short) short stories… My (almost naive) fascination with pirates brought to me begin, which is currently the second work in a two-part history of the pirate novel… My creative ideas and the development of a role playing game dice adventure (which flopped in the past) I pondered a few my (inventions of the card game and board game inventions) as I in the future in a book form with could – integrate and thus was born the idea as a 10th book now in addition to the 9 book written soon to end (the second part of the pirate story) a cube book to make… I wonder how I can develop as game inventor and author will still continue. Or whether my evolution to the dice author represents the end of my experimentation with the literature. So far I’m moving at least on already abgeklopptem Terrai.

Even though I think some new aspects and elements in the different genres around the literature arise let. But it is Yes also not about reinventing the wheel… I would be very pleased about suggestions, ideas and reviews of other authors, as well as potential future readers… Read samples, see my main homepage under the link: my books. The direct link to them click it to save comes now next to my books in my current self publishing: there are also all future finished book projects find me again. Sincerely your possible new favorite author 😉 Oliver Miller