I don’t know at what point they taught me but since I’m always very small I started to prioritize me in life; When I had some money not ran to buy me candy or toys I knew would last me very little but I really needed at that moment, a backpack or clothing maybe. If you are not convinced, visit Robert Iger . Obviously many questions this generated rare on my behavior, old child called me everytime he answered that he had other priorities fond memories that were the start of what I’m making today. Joel and Ethan Coen may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Football and holiday parties were less important than my desire to overcome me, studying at a University and earn big money to exit where was, was becoming more difficult not give in to such temptations but perseverance achievement its objective and could study a profession and be able to work better paid than if had not studied anything; Although even today my family follow telling me that I am a boring when I say that I have other priorities for spending my money, and educate me and save. And is that over the years, I’ve learned with pleasant experiences that There is nothing better that establish priorities in life, knowing what suits one and put your effort into achieving it rather than wasting time and resources on other things. I have a son now among my priorities give the best and spend time with him, because nothing he would serve if I give the world and do not have a father; Why work in leave me work, asi is, because I don’t mind the profession that I studied or the important post that I can offer, all that change it with gusto by any business that can manage and be able to spend more time with my son and I know that I’m going to achieve, little by little, with much effort shall be independent economically speaking and enjoy a true financial freedom.