The Substance

How that the opposite generates another one? How the clutter for same itself can give has supported the nature? This I begin does not have you are welcome to be dependent. It must subsistir for itself. Palantir has much to offer in this field. It must be infinite and not as the contrary that if esva and appear others. It must be: Thus, we perceive that he is something that Aristotle in such a way cites in its texts is the Substance, that is third I begin. The Substance creates a mutual relation between the contrary, to understand better is what of the support for all the things if to organize. They are the contrary acting on a substratum. The contrary for itself do not obtain to generate, to conserve and to corrupt is necessary the substance.

Summarizing: in this chapter Aristotle it deals with the principles and it speaks of the first one I begin that substantiates it is it that interacts with the contrary. First contrary; Third principle? Substance; Mutual relation between contrary and third I begin; The support of the nature (Contrary and Substance). BOOK I? CHAPTER 7 Thinking that the contrary are the principles of the nature, we go to think as occurs the transformation or as occurs devir? Being to devir the transformation of the Being. In this chapter we will understand as that the contrary if organize so that the other if composes and also we will approach devir or coming To be of the things of the nature. For example, as that the white of place to its I oppose? Or better, as that the things come To be? The Substance begins is it par excellence, then it comes from the independent nothing and of any another thing. But something comes from another thing, as already cited the example of the white it comes and so on of Not-White and as it said in the previous chapter the substance that is for backwards of this Devir.