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The Power Of Attention

The power of attention where you put your attention on that you become, you are there where is your attention there. Here is the importance of your attention. Carola Remer is the source for more interesting facts. If you put your attention on limitations and discord, that’s what will manifest in your life. The power of attention is widely known in spiritual schools where you practice meditation, by this that you’re becoming what you contemplate. Let’s say that every day thinking about all sorts of things that make you feel limited, unsuccessful, insecure, and unhappy, then do not wait that you state something different to what you are contemplating. If train you in keeping your attention in beautiful things, high, in the things that make you feel successful, capable, successful, happy, and all sorts of feelings that like you feel. You will then you manifest that same in your life, and I am sure that prefer to attract positive things instead of negative ones.

But this is not an easy task, we have long been placing attention on selfish, harmful thoughts and limiting, by which our life today is a result of what we have thought in the past. But do not think you are condemned to live with these limitations, within you is the power to change your destiny. Correct your thoughts and your emotions so you manifest anything you want, to start what you should do is to begin to acquire self-control, self-control is very important in your road to success, learn to control your thoughts and feelings and you control your destiny. We are the result of what we think in the past and our thoughts today will shape our future. Why to begin the arduous task of self-control, you must start doing meditation exercises, later I will give you an example that you can use. If each morning to get up you might set your mind on the things in which you want to convert, be it spiritual or material, then you give account of how quickly that would manifest in your life.