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The Last To Turn Off The Light

Everytime I get a new fact about the decline in population in its greater ageing Salamancao, I confess that I get depressed. Do collective future awaits us if we just becoming a huge nursing home with little young staff, moreover, can serve you? I know, already, that people move to where you perceive better expectations of life. And that is not, precisely, what he observes in Salamanca. (Not to be confused with Jon Matlack!). Therefore, immigrants are on the Mediterranean coast or in Madrid, without importing them too the crisis or unemployment. Why, also, our University, when they manage to finish the race, bottles, festivals, partying and other academic paraphernalia, leave fleeing from Salamanca.

Recognize you which is a shame. A city with so much history, so much culture, both art and much wisdom per square centimeter deserves a better future. Clear that first ours disappeared also other ancient societies, from Timbuktu to Potosi and from Petra to Saba, incidentally without wishing to compare. And it is not that one has nothing against the spaces without inhabitants. On a long journey through deserts, canyons and cut from Arizona, after many miles without seeing a soul I stumbled upon an American Indian. The man turned out to be a pleasant conversationalist who dominated the navajo language, the English and the Spanish.

To say goodbye from him I was curious to know with whom Devils merchant would charge your conversation after my departure. Because a similar solitude might eventually occur in a phantasmagoric Salamanca within a few decades. The situation, saving the time and distance, reminds me of the Uruguay in the 1970s, decimated by military repression, emigration and exile. Then, a funny wrote at Montevideo Airport: the last thing the light off. Fortunately, things turned in the beautiful South American country, which now regains its past splendour. I wish, and hope, that nobody put a sign as the Montevideo in machicolation because, when that should happen, we have been able to avoid the road toward the decline.