The Eyebrows

Mark it by putting a point with an eyeliner or pencil.(see photo) The peak in the center of the eyebrow should be just where it is your pupil when sights to the Center 3-now points the pencil to the inner corner of the eye (brow). Where the pencil intercepts this must be the end or beginning of the eyebrow. (see photo) The hairs out of this they are removed. As epilate you eyebrows arch is cleaned according to their natural shape. Simply comb the eyebrows and look that hairs are outside the normal arch of your eyebrow. a trick is to imagine that your eyebrows you divides into 4 parts. The three primary (near your nose) ranging upward, the last down.

If you want you can mark with a white colored pencil arch your eyebrows before epilating so this will give you an idea about how you look and you’ll know exactly that hairs pulled or cut. Only below. Prevents the first few times that you depiles you remove the upper Arch of the eyebrow hairs (single pull out hairs between the eyebrow and eye) because it is very easy to make mistakes and when you do you can change the expression on your face. You can remove the hairs that are obvious and visibly out of place. Again: the shape of your eye is the best guide for your eyebrows. If you’re starting to epilating it take out only the most visible hairs. Cropping.

If you have very large hairs and your eyebrows are very bulky can trim these hairs once are done removing hairs with the clamp. It is better to be conservative and leave the long hair to very short. This is the part where you must be more careful. To trim the hairs peinalos up and cuts the longest. Then comb down and do the same. Fixes the hair in place and see if they look very bulky again selects the longest and trim that are approximately the same size of others. Errors. If you get more hairs than necessary don’t worry you can fill holes using eyebrow pencil while you return to grow hair reminds you need time and patience without this better don’t you touch the eyebrows especially if you have no experience. Irritation. The area around the eye is very sensitive becomes red and irritated easily. For this reason prevents you to epilate before you leave the House, you shave when you have several hours and you can stay in the House until the irritation is gone. If the skin becomes very irritated you can get a cold compress. Plucking eyebrows depending on the shape of our face If you have a small face it is better to have the little populated and thin eyebrows give him more enhancement to your eyes. If you have close-set eyes, you want to epilate eyebrows slightly separated in the area of birth with respect to the lacrimal. For an elongated face, it is convenient to use horizontal and straight eyebrows to shorten the face. For a round face, rising eyebrows or oriental type are the best choice, since they give slenderness and height to the facial oval. For a square face, triangular eyebrows are the best option, since it breaks the monotony a little.