The Days

During all the period of monitoramento of the experiment, it was perceived that in as the day variety F.C (beans of the colony), gave beginning to the germination process, thus, therefore, in the last day of the experiment the related variety already presented caule and leves developed in relation to the other varieties, presenting caules with average size of 8,5 cm of height and leves with average size of 3 cm of length well. The comment and registers made during the days of experiments present the following information in relation to the climate of the environment: 1 day, temperature around 23C and luminosity relatively low; 2 day average temperature around 25C and luminosity in the period of the average morning and period of the afternoon low; 3 day temperature around 23C and good luminosity, as much in the period of the morning, how much in the period of the afternoon, no longer 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 day the temperature presents oscillation in average 23C-25C, with good luminosity for the morning and amena for the period of the afternoon. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Robert Iger by clicking through. thus, in 9 and last day of the experiment was observed in the UA04 the presence of larvae in the beans grains of the colony and fungos in the black beans. The temperature and luminosity are in fact physical factors, with great degree of influence for the process of germination of the species, however it was possible to get success in the process (Tabeal 2)..