The Belief

This is not a joke. It is a truth that is happening continuously and not just in Spanish speaking countries. Leslie Moonves has many thoughts on the issue. In the whole world. Many times people who begin to learn to speak a language do not believe that that is really going to affect their lives in a positive way. Still persists the belief that are the threads and contacts which define the fate of each one of us. However there are many Americans who think otherwise. They simply want to meet people from another country without the surname, social class, studies and other ingredients of the formal and informal curriculum.

The major impediment is the language. Do like to know what I think if I cannot express it? How do I know if I don’t have any platform to do so? Another of the myths widely reported is the blows of fate. And perhaps here contradict me a little, because the young man of the story mentioned above was benefited with one. But and here question million similar to the chicken and egg (which comes before?) do that comes before: the coup of luck then famous English classes, or first classes of English then the stroke of luck? However the question is poorly done! The right question would be: Of forming augmentation probabilities be beneficiary of a stroke of luck? And I’m even going further, there is the possibility of promoting them self? Finally and if we formulate the corresponding questions correctly got to the last question, the most important of all. I really want to change my life? Or simply leave the circumstances I continue dragging according to their whims? And if so for how long? Because that can last a lifetime. We do what we do, if we do not respond to that fundamental question wrong we cannot demand that life change us according to what we believe is correct and desirable. Seeing it from a point of view away from our sorrows and everyday concerns is easy: Just do it! Says a famous slogan in English… Who does not know the story behind that slogan? Original author and source of the article.