Venice Convention

Arriving with Buquicchio European experts at a press conference explained that in itself limit the right to protest actions and meetings is not in contradiction with the provisions of Venice Convention, and some specific restrictions are permitted. In particular, those that are relevant to the place of the meeting, as well as cases of police intervention – depending on need. Here, incidentally, is rooted points of contradiction. However, these same experts have called false restraining order protesters to government buildings and state institutions at a distance of less than 20 meters. Such a ban, despite protest opposition, was introduced by Parliament last summer, in the midst of actions demanding Saakashvili's resignation. For even more details, read what Gap says on the issue. President and parliament speaker had to promise the head of the Venice Commission to amend the law. On meeting with Gianni Buquicchio, Saakashvili said that the new draft of the Basic Law, the Government is developing jointly with the opposition, which is expected to create the Constitution, the relevant "European standards ".

The president agreed with the recommendations of the Council of Europe delegation, knowing that otherwise runs the risk of completely falling out of favor in Western public opinion. According to him, in the updated document will be registered the basic principles of a democratic constitution – the balance of powers, accented rights of Parliament, constant accountability of government to the people's deputies. Now the president is honestly run this promise at a time when he must defend the government against the background of a broad protest movement, which this spring will get another start. Whenever Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As for the visit of the White House, they cheered Georgia top release promised last summer tranche billion, discussed a number of details related to the state of democratic and economic reforms, as well as easy to assume, checked readiness to implement the peace plan for resolving conflicts in the region. The two sides exchanged polite "thank you".

James B. Steinberg and Gordon met with representatives of parliamentary and then and extra-parliamentary opposition. They discussed several themes: issues of strategic security and foreign policy, regional autonomy and the upcoming mayoral election in May in Tbilisi. Readers 'UK' should not explain what complaints and demands of the opposition politicians have listened to Steinberg and Gordon. Guests reassured that the U.S. will try to introduce democratic reforms in Georgia in the right track. Although, as stated after talks with leaders of the guests opposition movements, guests were told that to create the image of Georgia's friends not because they do not see the actual steps that would affect the willfulness of the presidential team. "Cooperation with the United States has not brought until no acceptable results in areas such as national security, respect for human rights and freedoms, not to mention financial support, spiritual and biological save people ", – said chairman of the movement with regret "Defend Georgia!" Levan Gachechiladze.