Algebra Logic – Highlights

The position of the Boolean algebra of logic with the onset of the computer age in mathematics happened again a new branch, which is naturally connected with the PC. More precisely, to create a computer that area was. And this is – Boolean algebra of logic or algebra. It was developed by J. Boole. Read more from Time Warner to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Boolean algebra, logic studies the zeros and ones and their functionality. This relies on the fact that the IT technology and chip tied to the two electrical pulses – the negative and positive. Filed under: Leslie Moonves. Because there was need for a Boolean algebra of logic, which includes various logical operations – disjunction, conjunction, negation, equivalence, etc.

So we decided on a representation of logic, now turn to the next step, which will increase our skills in this area. More information about the logical operations (truth table) Well, as in a simple algebra start with the basics – a popular logical operations, which enter the Boolean algebra Logic will not do. In mathematics, its operations are available, formed by the existing laws and axioms of algebraic and logical operations are built entirely on the laws of thought. TE Every operation has its own truth table, forming the resulting value, in other words the truth table records the results. For clarity of understanding to buy a notebook and take a look at the cell rear side. This multiplication table is a descriptive picture of the truth table. Now let's start looking at the main Boolean logic operations in detail. A bit of conjunction and disjunction Since this algebra is related to more programming, so I'll start writing the programmer, after all, realize conjunction and disjunction will have in a computer.

To denote the conjunction of consecutive symbols & &, in a simple considered the operation is multiplication, and is pronounced like I. disjunction opened portray characters 2 sticks. Disjunction is a logical addition operation and reads like OR. Disjunction and conjunctions is the most the first step in the study of Boolean algebra of logic, as well as in mathematics, addition and subtraction. But there is still a huge number of transactions that must be heard every programmer, but this article is an initial step in the development of themes, so do not go deeper.

HPC Conservation

Turbine steam turbine Leningrad Metal Plant (LMZ) PT-80/100-130/13 condensation with governing the selection of parameters and two-stage district heating production is intended for direct-drive generator. The turbine is single-shaft two-cylinder unit, consisting of HPC and LPC. Deaerirovanie feed water in the deaerator is operating at a pressure of 0.6 MPa. Steam consumption per unit at full load is 480 tons / hour Filling loss of condensate produced desalinated water coming from the HVO in the turbine condenser. At power installed a feed pump type PE 580-185/200-2. 4.PODGOTOVITELNYE work before the conservation work on the unit was developed, agreed and approved work program. Scrapbooks pipe samples c heating surfaces of boiler unit before its conservation have not been made.

Considering this factor, as well as properties to produce ODACON washing performance of deposits, the development program was made four stages conservation regime. Mounted metering pump with capacity of up to 30 l / h and pressure up to 10 bar. The metering pump membrane, the suction connected to the lower fitting plastic container V = 1,0 m3 emulsion ODACON, feed on the dosing pump was carried out on the feed pump suction line for dosing of hydrazine. The pump has a smooth adjustment of performance. Connect the pump-dispenser was made with flexible reinforced hoses.

Prior to the conservation of plant feed was tested emulsions ODACON. Noted that the dosing system is functioning properly and preservative ready for use. Workplace for laboratory analysis were prepared in him.laboratorii and with all the necessary him.reaktivami, him.posudoy and appliances. Pre-constructed calibration curve for determine the concentration of ODACON in accordance with the method. Works on CONSERVATION UNIT 80 MW. 5.1.Parametry unit prior to conservation: – load …………………………………. … 55Mvt. – Flow of feed water …………….. 300 t / h – temperature pit.vody ………………….. 240 0 C – the temperature of superheated steam ………

Corporate Decisions

There is an objective to describe the related activities aoestgio curricular, telling the main challenges, solutions and dificuldadesencontradas in the performance of the activities in the engineering sector, focando naelaborao of a study for implementation it accomplishes of System ERP of the company. Supervised Oestgio provides to the academic the chance to put emprtica the acquired knowledge in the graduation, being had as to objetivocomplementar the formation with the experience of real problems of the daily one of umaempresa. The Systems of InformaoGerencial – SIGs, of which they are part the Enterprise Resource Planning – ERPs, comumente they are constructed on three relative premises to the approach dainformao: the first one of them says respect to the survey of processes econsiste in a set of operational information, second deals with dasdefinies the experts to the businesses in a tactical boarding on controlede supply, logistic e, finally, the third premise aoplanejamento strategical of the businesses is mentioned. Seguindoessa piramidal structure of generation of the information, that if it initiates in a grandeturbilho of operational data, composites in a model highly structuralized, etermina in a set of dynamic graphs with minimum estruturao, but comgrande capacity to format a holistic vision of the company; the administration of the informaotorna-seo element that conducts the process of transformation of the decision in action, abrangendotodas the areas of the company and mainly its diverse managemental levels. She lowers the complete article to continue reading.