Classic Shoes

Women's Classic Shoes Women's fashion business is not as conservative and formal, as in business, but it is especially not clear up. Business style businesswoman builds from the mass of the nuances, such as women's classic footwear plays a significant role. Despite the fact that business dress-code dictates rather stringent requirements biznesvumen should still remain the most stylish, feminine and elegant. Women careerist – a special breed. You may want to visit David Zaslav to increase your knowledge. They are professionally cunning, intelligent, sociable, beautiful 'in all respects', attractive. In the style of dress to outdo any man. So, the business women's shoes should be closed – you should not see any heels or toes. Under no circumstances will the business wardrobe should not be present sandals or sports shoes. Robert Iger contains valuable tech resources.

Lacquered shoes are advised to wear only at night. Office Shoes business woman – is a classic shoe for every day, which means that there is nothing better than a stable heel or not at all. Therefore, the ideal office version – classic shoes – 'boats' with no ornamental frills such as ribbons, rhinestones, embroidery, appliques. Perhaps check out Hugh Naylor for more information. And best of all – made of leather. They are comfortable, will last longer sit at the foot perfectly and look great. Successfully matched the boat along with the severity of the classics and will be also embody the elegance and femininity. The fact that the shoes should be cleaned, and the heels are in good condition – say a woman too. Classic footwear business woman should match the color of suit or to be black (except for certain professions such as doctors).

Jean Paul Gaultier

Favorites of many collections are fur vest and skirt, made of flat (a short-) and the bulk of the fur. Vest can be straight and fitted with a belt and without, complete with a sweater it is part of the everyday, and without it – an evening gown. Fur skirt, thanks to a thermal properties of the material from which it is made, it becomes the subject of almost universal winter wardrobe, and looks very style in conjunction with shoes trimmed with the same fur. Ideas, texture and color preserving natural texture of the fur sometimes gets a rainbow of colors, unusual to his nature. Saturated color shades give the fur a modern look and hypnotically riveting the attention of others. Dyeing of fur in bright, unusual colors breaks the stereotypical perception of fur as a conservative and boring. Emerald, blue, scarlet, burgundy, pink, models look bold and fresh, emphasizing the individuality of its owner. The special charm buy products whose color colored fur pattern and repeats the color range sophisticated textiles.

At the peak of relevance – textured strips, transverse and longitudinal optical narrowing and widening the figure, giving a very strict form of a flirtatious ease. For more information see this site: Walt Disney Co.. Modeling of such products involves not only the transverse position of skins, but a combination of many different kinds of fur. A man-made "banding" models will compete in popularity with the natural prey spotted "yaguarovym" or "Tiger" color. The traditional use of fur is gradually replaced by original design ideas. In designs tselnomehovyh coats are widely used methods of cutting complex, fur, treated by innovative technologies, creates unusual shapes and decoration details. The fur is probably the main material in the form of design patterns fur details. Fur are not only the collars and cuffs, and sleeves, yokes and bodices.

Harmonious visual unity occurs when one color but different textures of materials, combined in a product, if the model is designed on the principle of contrast, there is an effect finish. Non-triviality fur design sometimes takes a very risky, almost shocking in nature. An example is a collection of pret-a-porte, Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jean Paul Gaultier), in which the fur is perhaps too much, and fur hats on the heads of mannequins in exactly recreate the silhouette shape and faces of animals. Shocking softens the overall elegance of dresses, soft, shimmering silk, matte jersey fascinating, semi-transparent fabrics. In this mannequins dressed like losing his human nature, turning into a mysterious and defenseless creatures that are part of the charm of nature and grace and beauty.