While each Exu knows well its responsibilities individual, the King knows each part all and. Of many lands populated for the agent spirituals they break distinct energy rays, that not if they mix, and these rays arrive the point of convergence the same. You already observed that maritime rapidses exist that are different in the color, the temperature, walk side-the-side, however, are remained separate, thus happen the world of the Exus. How this could be possible? How chain energy of vibration distinct passes for vestibule of vibration different and not it suffers alteration, or same as doormans, that must possess the same energy frequencies of the energies that for them pass, would allow the ticket of different vibrations? The reply it is simple. Spike Lee may also support this cause. The world of the Exus possesss vestibules, lands (where reigns are installed), caves, astral mountains, but the territory is inside of a Mandala, this that to say that the vestibule is the dimension located in the linear one of the Mandala, and in the center of the same one are to the convergence of energy loads. Another aspect that must be observed is that the doormans have to be able under the entrance or exit in the territory of its responsibility but in relation to energy loads of entities spirituals, not having to be able on pure energy chains, without crystals of entities. In the world of the Exus an agent spiritual will be able to penetrate inside through a vestibule of a land or reigned, to cross varies lands or reigns, passing for interior vestibules, until arriving at the vestibule of the center of the Mandala, task this very difficult, another possibility is the agent change of direction, that is, to enter in the world of the Exus and certain point to change the direction for another space spiritual. Many borders exist that separate the Mandala.

Prenatal Genetics

In the medical ritual tax for the prenatal genetics, the pregnancy experience is surrounded of signals and symbols that can produce different threats: the fear to lose the son, of whom the son is born with a defect, not to obtain to have a son or, still, not to obtain to be mother for this son, in case that it in comes to be born with defect (MARINE, 2006, p.6). When during the period of after-childbirth, the mother has confirmed the diagnosis of some deficiency in the son, fears that appear are innumerable and more intense. It remains to notice that ahead of this constellation of feelings of fear and unreliability that occur in the pregnancy, it can be imagined mainly as woman is difficult to have confirmed it the fear of the malformation, if this will be caused by some illness acquired before the pregnancy or during this. The corporal modifications in the gestation are so intense that they can easily originate the feeling of that has something made a mistake with its body, as if the woman felt that its body is not more its proper house. This estranhamento with the proper body propitiates the appearance of the fear of the malformation, that, when associated to them you blame and punishment fear, still more favors the fear of that the child is born imperfect. In an inexperienced woman young e, the fears and unreliabilities are still bigger, visa to be a new situation, that will transform its life total. The adverse impact of the precocious pregnancy emerges of clearer form when the relation between education, poverty and precocious maternity is examined. .