Inheritance Tax Real Estate – Real Estate Appraisers Help Save Tax

The new right to inheritance tax in detail since early 2009 is a reformed Bewertungsrecht to the inheritance tax real estate and gift tax on real estate. The legislature has implemented a requirement of the Federal Constitutional Court thus in new law. In the core to ensure with the changes that real estate with an approximation of the actual real estate value are evaluated. This approximation is called the mean value tax and corresponds to the market value or market value term essentially building code according to. For real estate, there is no absolute or sure realizable market value, but at best a market value level, where – with more or less large deviations – reasonable market values form. Other leaders such as Discovery Communications offer similar insights. It is a spreading width of the selling prices for the same real estate to assume, within which an established market value as acceptable can be viewed. Typings are constitutionally permitted it.

The assessment methods must be suitable however to an approximation of the mean value ensure. The concept of revaluation of real estate assets in its broad based on the approved procedures for determining fair market value, for example the valuation regulation. In contrast to the classic traffic valuation are the freedoms, both as regards the choice of the correct valuation method as the value approaches also have been restricted under the new assessment legislation considerably. For example, the assessment procedures are prescribed object type involved. For condominium and single-family homes and two-family homes is the reference value procedure to apply the property procedure in exceptional cases. Mietwohngrundstucke, business properties, and mixed-use land are in the income approach to assess in certain exceptional cases the property procedure.

Other built-up land shall be calculated in the property procedures. This schematic law specification in combination with absolute valuations, for example given factors of capitalization in the income approach, is this intentional and should reduce the Serve military vulnerability. The opposite seems the case but accurate: especially in the schematization and flat-rate treatment of the highly inhomogeneous asset real estate is the point of contention for various value views. The market (supply and demand) in the local real estate market is not or only insufficiently taken into account. While the fiscal authorities naturally the optimization of tax revenue at the heart of the action, the heritage strives to minimize drop off the tax payments. For this purpose the important paragraph 182 granted him review law, which almost constitutes a kind of lower the inheritance tax law through the back door: so the taxpayer can prove that the mean value of the property at the valuation date is lower than the value determined by the tax authorities, is of lower value. Inheritance tax can be reduced accordingly. The specific requirements of the financial authorities are regularly by a qualified real estate advice certified expert meets. To note is that the heritage in any case must bear the costs of the required appraisal. Whether and how high, if necessary, is in most cases by a free advance check consider a reduction in the inheritance tax and whether it exceeds the cost of the appraisal, unduly.

Up-to-date Information On The Negotiations Of The WGF AG With The Real Estate Brokers

MbH, the results agree with real estate agents at the round table that collaboration is in the real estate industry are only rarely completely harmonious important at the end of the WGF AG together with the Walker & co. real estate company. Our last news post reported from the everyday business of a broker and from the heat of the moment”, his problems with different players in the industry. The concrete example illuminated the cooperation with the Dusseldorf real estate company WGF Westphalian land ownership and financial management AG. This matter have been fixed now, by mutual agreement. WGF founder Pino Sergio professional processes are a key business concern. Our conflicts are adjusted with the Walker & co. real estate GmbH.

Also this conflict has once again shown that problems in the brokerage business are the same across all business fields. The broker who sold or rented an apartment is facing such as brokers, which have to do with professional investors usually end up with the same situation: Once the broker presents his Bill the apartment tenants or buyers, the accepted cost of the broker is compared with the height of his account and generally found too high. Here is just some phone calls were made, an expose was sent, and a few appointments have taken place then briefly, move. The institutional and professional investor wants to minimize its cost structure of course also to promise a higher return on its capital and fund subscribers. As 3% more Commission claims of the broker of the purchase price of the real estate beat and then ever negative. Also here is always latent in the mind that the mediator but with a fraction of his demands could be satisfied as his effort has surely kept within limits when the purchasing managers. Maybe should be considered on the buyer side once, brokers should not be paid according to the number of calls, the creation of coloured paper and their presence on the ground, but after Content of the information that they sell. Brokering is nothing else than to sell information – and the right information have decided already wars, saved businesses and promoted the careers of politicians or terminated. We promise continue to the Geschaftsgepflogen of the real estate industry all do and life”to report. Cedric Jacobs