Media Messengers Throughout Germany

More than 1000 media messengers throughout Germany take a picture and information service. Chemnitz, may 10, 2008 the L & S real estate & business consulting GmbH, headquartered in Chemnitz offers a new value-added service for obtaining fast, inexpensive and reliable information. For active people, in particular for the entrepreneur, it is extremely important to have access to required information in a timely manner. With our network of media-cure, this is nationwide and nearly everywhere possible. Ostensibly, the services in the real estate field is used. The client receives details about the condition and the environment of a real estate usually within 48 hours.

Each media courier created a standard protocol in addition to photo documentation. Contents are: position description with information on the area, distances to infrastructure facilities, traffic conditions, condition of the road and environment, site and building condition, recognizable defects and overall impression. Individual requirements of the customers are of course implemented. The services of the media messengers is interesting for banks, insurance, real estate managers, real estate recycling, real estate service providers, project developers, chain stores, franchises, builders and contractors. Buyers and tenants will also benefit from the service. Even companies based outside of Germany access to the requested information promptly and on a direct route. In the steadily growing supply of properties in the context of foreclosures, the media messengers if necessary provide useful details to land and buildings. These are a useful supplement to the basic data, which will be published by the district courts are available on Internet portals.

Eliminates the time and travel, resulting usually for interested parties to information retrieval, to obtain relevant data for decision-making. The media messengers involved in other areas, such as in the advertising industry, to document product and service presentations. In addition, the possibility to obtain information about locations, showcase content, public premises, products, exhibitions, events, damage documentation. The service of the media messengers corresponds to the desire for fast access to information and decision-making criteria. Therefore, the network will be continuously expanded. After Germany, an extension on the Switzerland, Austria, Italy and later throughout Europe is planned. To make a transparent and uncomplicated use of the service to our customers, we use a simple cost – and management structure. Are charged according to the customer requirements according to a flat rate. Alexander Frank for more information on the network of the media messengers you find on the Internet portal

Up-to-date Information On The Negotiations Of The WGF AG With The Real Estate Brokers

MbH, the results agree with real estate agents at the round table that collaboration is in the real estate industry are only rarely completely harmonious important at the end of the WGF AG together with the Walker & co. real estate company. Our last news post reported from the everyday business of a broker and from the heat of the moment”, his problems with different players in the industry. The concrete example illuminated the cooperation with the Dusseldorf real estate company WGF Westphalian land ownership and financial management AG. This matter have been fixed now, by mutual agreement. WGF founder Pino Sergio professional processes are a key business concern. Our conflicts are adjusted with the Walker & co. real estate GmbH.

Also this conflict has once again shown that problems in the brokerage business are the same across all business fields. The broker who sold or rented an apartment is facing such as brokers, which have to do with professional investors usually end up with the same situation: Once the broker presents his Bill the apartment tenants or buyers, the accepted cost of the broker is compared with the height of his account and generally found too high. Here is just some phone calls were made, an expose was sent, and a few appointments have taken place then briefly, move. The institutional and professional investor wants to minimize its cost structure of course also to promise a higher return on its capital and fund subscribers. As 3% more Commission claims of the broker of the purchase price of the real estate beat and then ever negative. Also here is always latent in the mind that the mediator but with a fraction of his demands could be satisfied as his effort has surely kept within limits when the purchasing managers. Maybe should be considered on the buyer side once, brokers should not be paid according to the number of calls, the creation of coloured paper and their presence on the ground, but after Content of the information that they sell. Brokering is nothing else than to sell information – and the right information have decided already wars, saved businesses and promoted the careers of politicians or terminated. We promise continue to the Geschaftsgepflogen of the real estate industry all do and life”to report. Cedric Jacobs