The Idea

No one in the neighboring apartment does not live. Who did it? You just told someone where you live! “. “How can this distrust? I told you that I have no idea, where did this flower! I’m just tired of it! “- Elya fell and went home. And so the evening my friends were going crazy. Elia even started to collect things for the move. How much more could suspect her of infidelity imaginary? How much can you tolerate these questions, questioned? Why should you always ruin the mood because of some hallucinations? Although her time with the flower intrigued. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Iger . Perhaps this is really a secret admirer, who tracked down their address. After all, nobody, really, but the most relatives did not know where they live.

Of course, there was the idea that the rose is not intended to Elvira, and some other girl. But to whom? Can there at night, outside the door, something happened? At the head of the guy, too, had been created confusion. He is not to believe that the flower has left some Aline restless lover, but also the question of who did it, he gave no rest. At the beginning of their relationship with Eley, a couple of times he caught her cheating on an innocent and now with the confidence he had a clear problems. The whole day wandering boy and a little irritated snikshy. Talking to friends, advice and thought and thought …

In the evening, Elvira was sitting in the kitchen, his legs crossed and sipping whiskey with “Bern” is slowly smoked thin cigarette. She had already packed all his clothes and was awaiting the sad farewell. She imagined how he would come all the same hurt, will start questioning her, saying all sorts of absurdities, but she would get up, pick up the bag and just go away, because it can not more so, can not stand it. The doorbell rang. El slowly rose from his stool and walked to open. “The keys that either forgotten?” – She thought. Opened the first door and looked through the peephole second, and saw no one there. For a second, even became somehow not on itself. Turned around, and there – a huge buketische in a basket outside the door and a note is: “Elichka, baby, I m waiting for you downstairs. “Surprised that she did not even know what to do. I went and grabbed her purse wandered down the stairs (the lift, as always, worked). On the street with a smile, it was the pious, holding the door open cab. “Sit down, dear, let’s go eat.” – He said cheerfully. Elvira vparhnula silence in the car, he sat down. “I decided to fight with your fan for you. “- Still smiling guy said. That’s the story with heppiendom about how the ghost of a man awakened the spirit of competition. Rent an apartment in Kiev can be fun, Interestingly, and still very useful for the relationship, you see. And lastly, I wish you good only to meet barabashek and lovely ghosts.