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One of the rooms in the home where more time we spend developing different activities is the Hall. In the households of today has become a very versatile space that holds meetings of friends, moments of relax reading or watching TV, and also in a corner of study or work. To maximize the available meters, we must make use of our ingenuity, by strategically placing pieces of furniture with appropriate measures. Rusty holzer is a great source of information. So we multiply the space, light and the capacity of the Hall. If what we want is separate and differentiate rooms (living room and dining room) for example, we can divide without doing work. The slides view, i.e. that are hung from the ceiling to the wall and glide in parallel at septum, are a lock option very advisable to houses with modern style. You can also opt for the so fashionable Japanese panels, wooden structures with paper rice or other material light, which can be fixed or sliding parts, give sensation of lightness coming to go almost unnoticed.

Although not We can live without TV or DVD, yes we can avoid that they dominate the living room. Place the TV in such a way that doesn’t occupy too much prominence joining the decoration is possible thanks to flat screens. You can place it on a wood panel, screwed to the wall, as if it were a great framework in a different color to make it stand out or just as the wall for which integrates. In a low Cabinet of a maximum height of 45 cm, with space for placing other computers and save to CD or DVD, and without leave cables in sight; If you have a large library, integrates the TV between books, in a space to measure, view or hidden behind a sliding door. Bookstores charge increasingly greater role in the decoration of a room. A good resource to take advantage of the space around a door, window or sofa, is to custom make a bookstore bridge; on the other hand, low models help to monetize the wall under a window, the back of the sofa, the holes next to the radiator, etc. If you want to be integrated into the walls, you can choose a symmetric model recessed and painted the same color, do not subtract you meters, and due to its size, interior doors will not make it look too overloaded.