European Union

In Spain, one of the countries more punished by this problematic one during the time of the summer, the group of supermarkets and Eroski supermarkets and the WWF/Adena has started up one campaign of information and citizen awareness directed to the consumers of this company of distribution. However, the FAO recommends that each nation analyzes its situation in relation to fires and develops a strategy to prevent and to manage these disasters. In many countries, the local communities are not able by themselves to control great fires, reason why the intervention becomes necessary of provincial or national agencies, like for example with the beginning of laws against the pyromaniacs. The climatic change and the poverty accentuate the problem The scientists consider that the climatic change, due to the gas discharges that produce the greenhouse effect, can cause the increase of wild fires. Credit: Discovery Communications-2011. He is enough only with watching like the phenomenon of the Boy, who is a natural fluctuation of the climate, gives rise in some years to the fire propagation great. This situation affects countries of high biodiversity, as they are the Central African and South African states, Brazil, Russia, China, Greece, Australia, Indonesia, Australia and Spain (the European country of more high biological diversity).

In the case of the humid tropical forests (zones of the planet considered ” hot spots” biological megadiversity), the World Watch Institute assures that it is ecosystems nonapt for the fire. This way the effects of great fires realised in the forest to clear the land with a view to extensive agriculture or cattle ranch eliminate any possibility of regeneration of the forests in the next centuries. Read more from Jeffrey L. Bewkes to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This situation is lived constantly in Latin America, where most of the wild fires happen in poor countryside where the small proprietors lack the technology necessary to fight them, and use the fire like easy and economic instrument in their agricultural practices. The fire is used to disassemble earth in order to cultivate them or to establish in them slumses, or to improve the pastures for the cattle. Also fire is applied abrir zones to hunting. Organizations of the United Nations, like the Program of the United Nations for the Environment (UNEP), or the FAO, ask more to the countries developed and with greater technology and experience to approach the problem of wild fires, as the case of the United States or the states of the European Union, that cooperate with the countries of the South transferring their knowledge to help to prevent that the wooded surface of the planet is reduced to smoke over the years and ashes..

Eat Or Fill The Watertank

Perhaps rich countries do not have to choose between bread and petrol, but hundreds of millions of poor surely have to do, explains Paul Kennedy, director of the Institute of studies on international security at Yale University. In a world in search of the magic formula to maintain the current energy waste, the alternative of biofuels has made that the law of supply and demand is present as ever in the most basic diet. Those who have less, as always, are those who lose at the escalation of prices of corn, wheat or sugar cane, products preferred for this form of energy production. A challenge to the goal of the UN to eradicate hunger, since it alters the balance needed for a fair distribution of the wealth of the planet. The rise in prices will be general. We are facing the end of cheap food, according to The Economist, a cycle in which countries measured increasingly its raw materials by these produced imbalances in the market. The attraction’s most popular energy crops since farmers to abandon other crops, so the demand pressure increases on them.

So happened with soybeans in the United States. Far from cheaper, its price has soared by the rampant growth of the Asian powers, which is an essential nutrient. The imbalance will be most acute in many other crops due to the inefficiency of a way of obtaining energy that requires large areas of cultivated land. To meet the demand in Germany would have to devote the entire territory to energy crops. You can investment in these crops beneficial at first for farmers, and that this reverse in society, but it will not be equally in all countries. How to compete with substantial grants from the American Government to their crops of corn? In 2007, biofuels were one-third of these crops in the United States.

This competitive fever requires an understanding within the framework of the new geopolitics that lies ahead. Those who have everything will go forward. Those who have few resources will have a very black future, says Paul Kennedy. Even the forests are disappearing before the advance of harvests, as it is the case with part of the rainforest in Indonesia, Malaysia, parts of Africa and in Brazil. Not to mention the harmful effects of intensive agriculture that is depleted soils and subtracting surface destined to the production of food for millions of human beings. Biofuels are removing his costume between the increasing criticism towards an untenable solution. His image was well received at first in the heat of the struggle to improve the environment, but they have proved to be not as clean as they seemed. In reality, it’s speculation with great potential for imbalance. The picture is not so different from the current one, in which oil plays an important role in the international arena. The only thing that changes are the products that have between hands, which in this case are a vital sustenance. Invest more in renewable energies will alleviate the pollution but not solve the underlying problem: a demand for energy that moves faster than the pace that we solve the problems arising from this. By very clean which are solar energy or wind power, would not be sustainable to invade the territory of solar panels or windmills to meet this increasingly insatiable appetite. The key has to do with match the consumption growth to advances in efficiency to produce energy.

Mayor Roberto Sandoval

On Monday of this week made public the decision of the Executive Council of the Chamber of Commerce (composed of about 10 thousand members) and the same day the Mayor Roberto Sandoval did not rule out political dyes. The topic caught the attention of many, and is that the attitude of the organized trade would mean to the capital city less income in contributions. The matter would be given to bickering.To go to the merits of the case yesterday that I saw in a restaurant to the President of the KANAK Tepic, Jesus Perez Lopez, not hesitate to tackle it for questioning on the subject. To initiate said that you committed to dialogue, to work and cooperation. He said that camera that presides over wants to bring in healthy peace party. On our part, we put the effort and therefore now up to the authorities who support us and take into account, he said.There is no political dyes in the decision, we do not bet the conflict; We are working people and the proof is that always have been responsible in all our taxes, he responded when you I asked if there were bad healthy interests.

Do then why the decision?, went back you to question. . He explained to me that this determination was once the capital’s authorities were ignoring them, so easy.A few days ago we had the will to have the rapprochement and we got a bad response from them, I am referring to the private Secretary. It even took the trouble to call back us. We made calls and were never greeted, we were only going to explain our discomfort because the Council allowed the installation of foreign traders, justified the leader of CANACO.Somewhat sense, Jesus Perez Lopez recalled the words of Mayor Roberto Sandoval: the President said that he had commitment only with the people and want to say that we are also people (), on the other hand, that gives support to traders in Moroleon, Leon Guanajuato and to allow the increase to the informal trade that is to govern for other people and not for those who deserve the respect.By what the President of CANACO told me and the statement that I heard on Monday from the Mayor of Tepic, you could deduce that everything is part of a lack of communication.