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Clash of different habits and settings. This increases not only the possibility for Disputes, is also the time to live it out. There are many reasons to argue: a crooked Christmas tree, improper gifts, versalzener potato salad or the constantly nagging mother-in-law. Christmas harmony sake: ignore the taunts of all kinds and don’t let up even on disputed topics. “If you leave the room with the words simply friendly smile: anyone else to nibble what would?” Or insert a Christmas movie. If the family over the holidays in a confined space together squats, dispute is pre-programmed. Away the illusion, Christmas would have to do everything together the family.

All the hoopla is maybe too much for some. Create free spaces and retreats. Allow family members, sign up for a break, to withdraw a small NAP, etc.. If the kids want to watch a movie, you can use the time for a walk. And young people meet up much better with their peers, as all the time with the Relatives together to squat.” With an NLP training to the real judge of NLP is called neuro-linguistic programming and is a Toolbox with techniques, methods and settings that people can use to communicate better with each other. Robert A. Iger has similar goals. In an NLP, participants learn seminar to communicate especially targeted, attentive and appreciative. Also a dealing with people, which is marked by tolerance and flexibility, as well as a more conscious, more comprehensive perception are content of an NLP training.

For more information about NLP and the training, visit the Web page of the MINDMARKETING Institute. Here for interested many videos, exercise guidance and free E-books. Company profile: Since 2004 the MINDMARKETING Training Institute corporate and private customers in the area of personal development. The company offers individual training around the communication. “The measures tailored to each customer find in-house or in the old-school” held in Partenstein. Expert knowledge and the methods of hypnosis, NLP, TZI and management and professional Trainer with many years of experience are the basis of high quality standards. The owner of the MINDMARKETING Institute, Rolf Soder, Dipl.-ing. FH, is DVNLP teaching NLP trainer and NLP teaching coach DNLPCV. In addition to its training activities in the own Institute, he works as a trainer and consultant for companies in Germany. In March 2013 is”coach published his first book, the NLP practitioner guide published and can be ordered through the bookstore.

Financial Planning

You have two children in elementary and middle school, and no money put aside for their higher education. All of your savings for retirement are in mutual funds, which recently lost half of their money. Today Friday, and you and your spouse weekend. How you spend your time and / or money? .holidays at an expensive resort to stay away from trouble. 2.buying a big screen tv to enjoy the new football season. .visiting to the zoo with the kids.

.attending a seminar on financial planning. .expending some time to discuss ways on how you can get out of consumer debt. It is obvious that some of the proposed options more in line with your expectations of achieving financial security. The sooner the better. Speed – is not everything, and it could be worse than none, if you’re moving in the wrong direction and if it robs you of joy trip.

Work and family are natural enemies. Throughout most of history, ‘Work’ was the work in the family. Children to work and learn alongside their parents when they performed work that maintain family life. Since the Industrial Revolution had separated the family from work now to achieve the fullness of both sides of our life requires work with the initiative to create a synergy between them. Once you’ve created realistic expectations, you have to relate their efforts with what is feasible and realistic, and then make them more efficient, to make sure that your efforts yield maximum results. Think about what and how you doing in each area – work, family, time and money – to define ‘optimizers “that will help you create the most positive changes.