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Indigenous Research

The social impact achieved by reduction projects in the aftermath of disasters and addressing the issue that occurs in their methodologies, is one of the factors most discussed today. For a long time, the physical point of view has been the determinant to mark the trail of the actions of prevention and preparedness for disasters, which have been printed a feature strongly deterministic: it has created an area of research and study which the social sciences seem to have arrived late, says Lavell (1993): “From the perspective of social sciences (agricultural economics, sociology, geography, anthropology, social ecology, management, political science, law, etc..) there is no institution with research programs consolidated and continuous, while a very limited number of Indigenous researchers, individuals, have ventured into this topic “(Duran 1994).

All research projects must be justified on the basis of a vulnerable population which has been called “the social history.” Thus d is seeking to incorporate social components since the start of projects and identify the nodes and connections in advance, so it will not come only to swell the size of libraries. Others including CBS, offer their opinions as well. 1.3 The public goods for the purposes of this work and to better understand the State’s responsibility in the prevention and disaster relief, then I will refer to one of the most basic concepts and appropriate. “There are some goods that either are not provided by the market o. if so, the amount provided is insufficient. Heather Bresch might disagree with that approach. ” A large-scale example is national defense and other small-scale, navigation aids (such as buoys light).

Social Marketing

Ahead of this scene, in accordance with Acar (2008), saw queo model of practised economic growth throughout the industrial age, in qualas companies occupies only in extracting, transforming, to commercialize and descartaros natural resources, already it is not more viable, ahead of the imminent picture deescassez of resources. Inside of this context, the marketing around the questesambientais, according to Vaz (1995), was unchained, becoming factor marketing decondicionamento in the businesses, leading to a more ethical and responsible atuaoinstitucional. This because, according to Boone & Kurtz (1995), the marketingdesempenha an important paper in the society, for being the final interface between aempresa and the public with which it interacts, portraying the changes in the world dosnegcios and acting front to the diverse social matters that permeiam the society. The marketing, therefore, ahead extends its field of atuaoestratgica of this new reality, and leaves to aim at only asnecessidades of the consumer for the profit, being started to give emphasis aesque prioritizes the welfare and the quality of life of the population, in way to abeneficiar all the society. Educate yourself with thoughts from David Zaslav. The marketing will have a paper important to play in futurono sensible to promote more sustainable ways of living and consuming.

(…) ‘ ‘ Between these ideas they are the recycling, the commerce just, less materialistic substituiesproduto-service, compostagem, thrift, efficiency in energy and ways due. The concept of support in itself also will have to deser promovido’ ‘. (DAYS apud PEATTIE and CHARTER, 2005, P. 536) This sample the dasestratgias versatility and capacity of adequacy of marketing to the different realities. Its paper, today, diferentedo that was practised in the second half of century XX, according to Days (2007), tirao focus of the irresponsible and unsustainable consumerism and opens doors for the responsible atuaosocioambiental. 2,4 Social marketing the corporative social marketing, in accordance with Days (2007, p.64), ‘ ‘ it understands the activities developed for the company with the objective to deobter one definitive socially beneficial behavior for the society, favoring, at the same time, the interests of the company, its position in the market esua imagem’ ‘.


In this work will go to say on the process of formation and functioning of the units of conservation in Brazil, giving emphasis the areas of conservation of sustainable use that can be explored thinking about the future generations gifts and, and those of integral protection, which does not allow the exploration. The Agency that regulates and defines the different categories of units of conservation is the SNUC? National system of Units of Conservation. Inside of this work we speak also of the units of conservation in the Legal Amaznia, giving to bigger relief to the State Park of the Mountain range of the Martyrdoms/Swallows, that if it locates in the city of Are Geraldo of the Araguaia, in the state of Par. Word-key: Units of Conservation. SNUC. Mountain range of the Martyrdoms/Swallows.

This work turns on the units of conservation in Brazil, general form, and the State Park of the Mountain range of Martyrdoms/Swallows, of particular form. Our main objective was to happen a little of light on the different ways that the humanity uses to conserve and to preserve the areas that present biological diversities, therefore the globalizada society starts to demand each time new merchandises, that in its process of production consume each time more extracted resources of the nature. Therefore, if she makes necessary the agreement on the functioning of the different existing units of conservation in Brazil. The methodology for the construction of this work was, mainly, the bibliographical research with one brief revision. Thus, we structuralize the work in one sucinta followed introduction of a historical apanhado briefing of the process of constitution of the units of conservation in Brazil, that as I castrate Jnior; Coutinho and Freitas (2009) acquire international importance throughout years 80 of century XX. In a question-answer forum Time Warner was the first to reply.

In the sequncia we will speak of the units of conservation in the Legal Amaznia, where its natural resources pass to be seen as patrimony of the humanity in the phase of euphoria of the ambient preservation. In this manner, some units of conservation in this period of conservacionista bubbling had been created. In the final part of the work, we will treat on the creation and functioning of the State Park of the Mountain range of the Martyrdoms/Swallows, in the state of Par, more necessarily in the city of Are Geraldo of the Araguaia. The park in question has been white of the most varied studies developed for a very great gamma of institutions, and governmental politics that they aim at to the construction of a hidrovia, without if saying of the invasion threats/occupation for movements that fight for the ownership of the land.