Self Help Group

Treated with phototherapy and when it is mild baby's constant exposure to sunlight. . Polycythemia: E s the excess of red blood cells in the blood, decreased levels of oxygen, and this influences the red coloration of the baby's skin especially in the face. For even more analysis, hear from Maryanne Trump Barry. Hypocalcemia: decreased levels of calcium in the blood that can be translated into colvulsiones Other potential risks include intrauterine growth retardation and the late death, occurring between 38-39 weeks (stillbirth). The goal of early treatment in these patients is to avoid the submission of the abovementioned effects. Monitoring: Once the diagnosis of GDM, the patient is monitored every 2 weeks in the outpatient clinic at our hospital by determining blood glucose levels in both fasting and 2 hours after meals, as it has been shown that the latter is the main cause of fetal complications, and each visit will record data such as blood pressure, weight gain, food handling etc.

attachment. All patients are invited to join the Self Help Group and Self-control of diabetes in pregnancy, in addition to being an educational program, allows us in the form of interactive workshop techniques to influence the implementation of insulin, factors emotional, medical or otherwise, which are negatively involved in achieving optimal control necessary in pregnancy, as well as serve as a vehicle of integration into the patient and his family and others who are going through the same situation. This group includes the participation of medical and paramedical services of Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Dietetic, Psychology, Nursing and Social Work. Many writers such as Samantha Lewes offer more in-depth analysis.