Security Measures

There are also audio and video recorders, which vary according to the attachments and technology and the area or areas to be covered. Just as Electrified Fences: This system consists of lines of hot wires that cover walls and balconies, where the thief touches receive an electric shock of 10,000 volts than enough to drive him away, without causing death. Clear that alerts you that the budget for a security system must be customized, because prices vary according to the type of housing and security which requires the owner. For the correct function of equipment and safety systems require maintenance and that the majority of users are susceptible to investment and forget this detail the thinking that merely having a seperate system no longer has to lean back this investment, which is out of reality and end up disappointed some, because if not given proper maintenance often fail precisely when there is any raid. Jean Seberg is full of insight into the issues.

Installing additional security is strongly cautioned on your door and if possible external light that is automatic for any movement work even when you is not enough light to see who plays. It should be light but its outer area that corresponds to the front and backyard of his home and avoid the trees and shrubs that prevent us s neighbors see the doors and windows of your house because it reduces the possibility that when you do not watch them this. If you see a suspicious person hanging around your house or your neighbor report it to the police and if possible write down the plates and the color of the vehicle and observe the physical characteristics of the subject is amazing how this little vigilante neighbor method reduces more crimes than any clothesman police, there is also market an alert neighbor called Vigilante in FERREPLUS.COM can request reports. Do not leave cards or long public messages that he is absent from home.

Do not hire employees without references. On more than one third of robberies are not forced doors, which means that had been locked. If coming home to find the door forced, note the presence of a stranger, or somewhat irregular, do not seek help, report it immediately to the police immediately and go to a safe place. Keep in good stewardship, billing documents and values of authenticity certificate from certifying the coming people. Mark your valuables or with prints, stamps or initials, marks prevent thieves pawned the stolen goods, in addition to better identify their belongings stolen.