Sarko Or The Last Macho

With Nicolas Sarkozy, leaving the last macho European policy “Macho is a Spanish Loanword with the in German language a man is known, which is heavily based on the traditional images of the male gender role…”, it is called in German “Wikipedia”. And with the defeat of Nicolas Sarko”Sarkozy the last macho leaves the Premier League of European policy. Anyway, Oh man the last decade, the “political macho” Sarkozy something like an afterthought. Gannett Co. Inc might disagree with that approach. At times, Gerhard Schroeder was machismo in politics in Europe still in fashion; Meanwhile, had spread but even Silvio Berlusconi the sails. With Nicolas Sarkozy, the last macho leaves the European policy in Europe’s first political League you are looking for the “whole man” now so in vain, for macho posturing of leaders you have to look now at least until Russia.

But what macht(e) him out, the macho in politics? Now, simply said his political specimens that unites the machismo that It does set virility in the doubt instead of politics to the show. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Warner Media. A First Lady as beautiful or at least young is of course (at the upper-macho Silvio Berlusconi even just for one night) and extremely sensitive reactions, if the male ‘honor’, say: the ego Gets a shock or is offended at all. Outside thick watches harm and machismo with body size must have to do cigars not and something… Triumph of the technocrats who has replaced it, the European top Machos? It seems as if were already for some time rather sober technocratic journeymen on the train; Angela Merkel about, Mario Monti and now Francois hollande. The policy has now but “better” without macho men? Well, whether the eternal “constraints” assertions to more lead than Basta “-swagger, big gestures and ambiguous grin, is doubtful confidently and who shamelessly lying to the inclined voters, is not even yet.” She is boring However, the macho loose policy, become, but there are broken to even serious times. BU-huh.